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Nintendo has very recently announced Nintendo Switch OLEDthe new version of its hybrid console that uses OLED technology in such a way as to obtain more intense colors and high contrast.

Obviously, following this news, Nintendo users and did not go wild on the various social networks of the Japanese company in search of answers to their questions about the new Switch, for this Nintendo, imagining what users would have liked to know, yes carried out and has already answered some of the most important questions about their console. Below you can find all the information released by Nintendo on the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

Is Nintendo Switch OLED compatible with all Nintendo Switch games?

Nintendo reassures everyone by guaranteeing that the new Nintendo Switch OLED will be perfectly compatible with the entire catalog of Nintendo Switch gamesIndeed, thanks to the OLED screen it will be possible to play your favorite games with a decidedly improved color rendering compared to the past.

However Nintendo warns that due to the slightly larger size of the Nintendo Switch OLED, some accessories Nintendo Labo may not fit perfectly with the new console, thus affecting the gaming experience for some titles.

Finally Nintendo informs that, again due to the larger size of the screen, the graphic rendering of some third party titles it may be slightly different than that of Nintendo Switch, the console for which these titles were originally designed.

Does the Nintendo Switch dock station also work with the Nintendo Switch OLED?

The answer is yes, the Nintendo Switch base works smoothly for the Nintendo Switch OLED too. Furthermore, Nintendo confirms that the Nintendo Switch OLED base is also compatible with the previous Nintendo Switch model, however, in both cases, a system update.

Is it possible to use Nintendo Switch Joy-Con on Nintendo Switch OLED?

Since the Joy-Con of the two models are almost identical, you can swap them at will without any compatibility problems. You can also enrich your Joy-Con collection with the new white color available at the same time as the Nintendo Switch OLED release.

Is it possible to share digital games and saves with the new Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo ensures that in case you already own a Nintendo Switch and buy a Nintendo Switch OLED you can easily share between the two consoles the games and content purchased digitally. The games and digital content, in fact, are linked to the profile from which they are purchased, so it will be possible to play them from any console you want.

But keep in mind that it will be possible to have only one console set as primaryfor this reason Nintendo itself recommends making the main console with which you play the most in offline mode, given that the main console can access the downloaded games even without an Internet connection, as opposed to the console not set as main which requires a constant internet connection to take advantage of the digital titles and purchases that are being shared between the two devices.

The same goes for the bailouts which can be transferred from one console to another either via the cloud service provided for Nintendo Online subscribers, or by manually transferring save data between two neighboring Nintendo Switches.

Are Nintendo Switch accessories also compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED?

Of course, all the original Nintendo Switch accessories on the market are also compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED. So in case you have a microSD card to expand the internal memory, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or charging bases for Joy-Con, you can safely use them with Nintendo Switch OLED too.

The only two accessories that may not be fully compatible may be the enclosures for Nintendo Switch, given the slightly larger size of the Nintendo Switch OLED, and for the same reason, too glass or protective films already on the market.

What are the changes compared to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite?

As already mentioned before, the biggest novelty of the new model of Nintendo Switch lies in the screen from 7 inch that takes advantage of technology OLED, thus making the colors much more intense than previous models. In fact, OLED screens generate images by exploiting the light emitted by every single pixel, so they don’t even need a backlight. Furthermore, the other peculiarity of these screens is that they can generate gods very deep blacks by “turning off” the aforementioned pixels, significantly increasing the contrast.

Furthermore, comparing the screen of the new console with the models of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, respectively of 6.2 inches and 5.5 inches, it is possible to notice an increase of 0.8 in compared to the Nintendo Switch base and of a whopping 1.5 inches compared to Nintendo Switch Lite. In general, Nintendo Switch OLED turns out to be slightly heavier than the previous Nintendo Switch, the new console in fact weighs well 320 g against the 297 g of Nintendo Switch and only 275 g of Nintendo Switch Lite. Finally, to reach 7 inches in size, the frame around the screenwhich was actually too thick in the other two Switch models.

Another variation compared to the basic Nintendo Switch is given by the stand widerwhich can also be adjusted to further customize the tabletop gaming experience.

A further change is represented by the increase in internal memorybrought from 32GB to 64GB, in order to contain a greater amount of games and digital content.

The latest innovation introduced by Nintendo Switch OLED is represented by a LAN port on the dock station that allows you to use a wired connectionthus achieving greater stability during online gaming sessions while the console is in TV mode.

How much does the Nintendo Switch OLED model cost?

The price of the new Nintendo console is currently set at € 349.98 in European territory. We also report that GameStop has just opened reservations for the Nintendo Switch OLED both in its new white color, and in the red and neon blue one.

When does the Nintendo Switch OLED model come out?

Finally we remember that Nintendo Switch OLED will be available starting from 8 October, and in case you are interested in discovering other features of the new Nintendo home console you can find our article about it here.

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