Nintendo Switch Pro appears on Amazon, is the official announcement imminent?

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After more than a year of rumors and indiscretions, it seems that the reveal of Nintendo Switch Pro is imminent.

For some time there has been talk of what is called the Nintendo Switch Pro, which would be a kind of mid-gen version of Switch. Although Nintendo has never officially announced the new hardware, many insiders and industry journalists are convinced that the Kyoto company has decided to replicate what Sony and Microsoft did with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X a few years ago, proposing a system renewed perfectly compatible with the games already available.

Now, after so many rumors, it seems that something is finally moving.

Some users have reported via Reddit that a mysterious page dedicated to appeared on Amazon Mexico New Nintendo Switch Pro, however, lacking information. The product page was removed after a few minutes, but that was enough to get the console talking again.

Below you can see the screenshot of the page in question.

In reality, for days we have returned to talk insistently about Nintendo Switch Pro, mainly due to some important names in the specialized press who have expressed themselves on the matter.

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Bloomberg and Eurogamer, in addition to other well-known faces in the sector, believe that the reveal of the new console is now imminent, even scheduled for next week. We remind you that the digital edition of theE3 2021 (here dates and times of all conferences), and Nintendo could decide to exploit this showcase to make known the potential of the new system.

An announcement of Nintendo Switch Pro (name obviously provisional until official announcement) would probably bring with it news for some highly anticipated titles such as Bayonetta 3 and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the latter in particular. In fact, 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of the series, and fans hope that this is the right opportunity to have the brand new chapter in their hands – we also remember that the remastered HD of Skyward Sword has been announced, arriving in July.

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