Nintendo wins piracy, the RomUniverse site will have to remove all ROMs

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RomUniversewell-known website where people can download pirated copies of various games including some glories Nintendoand even paying a premium for faster downloads, is now one of the new victims in the (very just) Great N war on piracy.

The battle between Nintendo and the site is certainly not new, and as expected, it was the Japanese company that emerged victorious from the court.

RomUniverse He was first sued by Nintendo in 2019 for what his lawyers called “Blatant and mass infringement” of intellectual property. Nintendo won that lawsuit in May of this year, receiving $ 2.1 million in damages, which will be paid by RomUniverse owner Matthew Storman in monthly installments. Pardon, which should have been paid.

In fact, in July, Nintendo returned to court after Storman failed to make its first payments, and the publisher then asked for a permanent injunction against Storman as it feared it might be willing to bring the site back online.

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The lawsuit went further, because the judge who dealt with the lawsuit gave Nintendo an additional assist.

The court has in fact now ordered Storman to permanently destroy all Nintendo games unauthorized or other unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s intellectual property, including movies, books and music “. The judge gave Storman until August 17, 2021 to comply and August 20 to file a statement with the court confirming that he has followed the judge’s orders. If Storman doesn’t, he could be charged with perjury.

Storman will no longer be able to distribute, copy, sell or even reproduce unauthorized Nintendo ROMs, and may not use any Nintendo trademarks or logos.

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