Not only GTA 6: according to a report Rockstar Games is also working on Bully

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Rockstar Games may have a surprise in store: the return of Bully.

After the announcement of the release date of GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Rockstar Games this week officially confirmed the development of GTA 6the details of which will be discussed shortly.

A rather atypical announcement, considering that usually the American software house reveals a new game through a teaser trailer, however the announcement was probably made to reassure most of the fans who were clamoring for confirmation on GTA 6 after more than eight years from ‘ release of the previous chapter.

Surprisingly, there could be more. In fact, the new rumors from the web make the name of BullyRockstar Games’ beloved 2006 game.

A report drops the bomb: Bully will be back!

Responding to a user who wonders about the legitimacy of his or her previous leaked information Bully 2who claimed the closure of the project to give priority to other titles, the famous leaker of the sector Tom Henderson stated on Twitter that GTA 6 isn’t the only game Rockstar Games is working on, and that the developers are also taking care of Bully.

Here is the “offending” tweet:

It should be noted that Henderson, who however is not an official source despite its reliability, does not refer to Bully 2 or a remastered project of the first and only chapter distributed to date, instead simply stating that Rockstar Games is also taking care of that. series.

Considering that GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Editiondespite the problems, has met Take-Two’s sales expectations, it cannot be ruled out that Rockstar Games is working on something similar, with a hypothetical Bully Definitive Edition which could be launched soon.

Just a few weeks ago, on the occasion of the previous Bully II leaks, we had made a video collecting all the leaked information.

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