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now.gga mobile cloud company, today launched a mobile cloud platform for game developers. The mobile cloud platform Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) drastically changes the reach, potential and business model for game developers through accessibility, sharing and monetization solutions. Already adopted by major game developers like Perfect World, PerBlue and Lilith Games,’s mobile cloud aims to revolutionize the way mobile game developers can reach new users around the world

For the first time ever, game developers can deliver to end users via the mobile cloud the same graphics and the same high performance regardless of the device used, the operating system or regional limits. Players can finally play on any mobile device or operating system, share games instantly on the social channels they already use, and make in-game purchases through the payment channels they already own.

Today, almost 40% of mobile phones are unable to support and manage the most powerful games and 60% of smartphones on the world market are mid- or low-range. This limits the computing and storage capabilities needed to enjoy a game to its fullest potential. These limits and problems can now be overcome thanks to now.gga cloud platform that will make mobile games accessible to over a billion possible users.
Other than that, makes games that can be immediately shared by simply clicking on a link. No more inconvenient downloads or long installations. Users simply click on a link to play now and make in-app purchases. Easy, simple and immediate.

It’s even possible to play on third-party apps like Discord and Snapchat without leaving the platform. With 1.3 million new users signing up to social media every day, game developers can therefore reach another billion players mobile thanks to the sharing of their favorite games through their social channels.

Game developers can monetize their new users with the cloud mobile without the obligation of credit cards. 45% of all online purchases are made through digital wallets and this amount is expected to reach 51% by 2024. offers players the freedom to transact through digital payment channels already in the cloud, such as digital wallets, cryptocurrencies or game top-ups. This will allow developers to attract many more new users and also increase their margins.

Game developers around the world simply need to bring their games to the cloud and post the link on their websites for immediate access for all.

“ enables mobile game developers to acquire a whole spectrum of new users who would otherwise be limited by device and app store specifications”said Rosen Sharma, CEO of “The mobile cloud democratizes access to mobile games, removing all possible frictions and issues related to device requirements from the experience of a new game. This opens up an unprecedented new era that empowers game developers to acquire another billion mobile players. The next generation of mobile games has arrived ”.

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