Now it’s official: DOOM Eternal arrives in October on Xbox Game Pass

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A post on the official Xbox website confirms the rumor from a few hours ago: DOOM Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass in a few days.

Doom Eternal has been called one of the best first-person shooters ever. If you haven’t already experienced its unique brand of fast-paced, forward-thrusting first-person combat, now’s the time to make your way into id Software’s critically acclaimed game coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1st and Xbox Game Pass for PC later in 2020.

In Doom Eternal , don the armor of the Slayer, an unstoppable and unyielding force with a unique mission: Raze Hell and save humanity. Battle demons in an epic single-player campaign that will take you to Earth, Mars, through Hell, and through never-before-seen dimensions.

Your arsenal of powerful weapons, grenades, and upgradable abilities make you a force on the battlefield as you blast, stab, and shoot your way through hordes of demons. Grab what you need to survive – health, armor, and ammo – from your fallen enemies in the heat of battle.

The story doesn’t end with the credit for Doom Eternal. Continue to seek your revenge in Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One, out October 20 on the Xbox Store. The legions of Hell have razed the skies, threatening to expand across dimensions. Fight your way to the heart of the menace and decide the fate of the cosmos.

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