OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: GameStop’s PS5 D3 arrives next week!

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This is the news that many of you have been waiting for, and that every day you propose to us with a series of questions: GameStop Italy has made official the PlayStation 5 D3which is really imminent!

For months, the video game retailer has been besieged by players’ questions about the next-gen: when will the new PlayStation 5 units be available? Finally, after weeks of waiting, the official answer has arrived.

As you know, Sony, as well as Microsoft, has been experiencing numerous PlayStation 5 production and distribution problems since launch day in November, with stores around the world having to sip on limited units. carefully bookings by users without guaranteeing day one delivery.

At this point, as you may have understood, we have already reached the fateful point Day 3that is the third wave of units that will be able to satisfy (hopefully) all those who have booked the console and who are still dry-mouthed today.

How long is this PS5 D3 missing? Very little.

On its Facebook page, GameStop Italia announced to all consumers that the PlayStation 5 D3 is scheduled for next weekperiod from which the store will start distributing consoles in order of booking date.

The release for the moment remains vague regarding a particular day for the start of new PS5 sales, however we now know that the third wave of next-generation Sony consoles will be staged in the week from 25 to 31 January for those who they preordered it.

Here is the note released by GameStop Italia:

Hi guys, regarding the PS5 consoles booked with the wording D3, we confirm that from next week we will start distributing the consoles in order of booking date.

Continue to follow us, we will contact you personally through the contacts you provided during the booking phase as soon as your console is available for collection in the store or sent to your home.

We remind you that GameStopZing will never contact you from unofficial addresses and social pages.

If you think you have received emails, text messages or calls that have not been made by us, please contact our Customer Service promptly, using the link below.

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