On Apex Legends comes the War Games event along with many new features

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Respawn Entertainment announced Apex Legends: War Games, a new event that will introduce never-before-seen playlist modifiers, a new rewards path and an all-new set of challenges. The following trailer illustrates what’s coming with the new event.

Here is also the press release that reports all the characteristics of the event.

In Apex Legends War Games, each new playlist modifier will only last a few days, but players will gladly return to earn cosmetics and various goodies, including skins for Rampart and 30-30, five unlockable Battle Pass levels and other XP challenges. , updated daily. Not only that: next Tuesday, when War Games begins, five modes will invade the normal Play Apex playlists in quick succession.

It is about:

  • Second Chance (Tuesday 13/4 – Thursday 15/4): this modifier, which will kick off the event, will grant each Legend one chance for free regeneration per game; when a Legend is killed, a regeneration token is consumed so that the player can get up from their current position while retaining all their weapons and equipment. After a short time, the player will respawn from above to return to parachute action.
  • Ultra Zones (Thursday 15/4 – Monday 19/4): Get ready to find multiple Hotspots within a single map, new epic loot and gold items. Each Hotspot is wrapped in a Flash Point: these are huge glowing bubbles that recharge your health and shields when you are inside them. In this mode, consumables will not be excluded from the loot.
  • Automatic Banners (Monday 19/4 – Wednesday 21/4): With a small but intriguing change to the way teammates come back to life, this modifier allows you to automatically recover your Squadmates Banner Cards! Players will not need to collect their banner from the death chest to retrieve them – they can simply go straight to a re-entry transmitter. The loot has also been changed to contain more Mobile Respawn Beacons.
  • Tempo Lost (Wednesday 21/4 – Friday 23/4): this event speeds up the game as the Legends fall; during a round, each time a Legend dies, the time available is reduced. If the round is a massacre, the ring will close quickly. Players will then need to keep an eye on the round timer to survive this modifier.
  • Shield Regeneration (Friday 23 April – Tuesday 27 April): With the War Games closing, in this final mode, armor gradually regenerates at a rate of 12 points per second. Whenever players take damage, their armor will begin to regenerate after 8 seconds. If a player’s armor breaks this delay doubles, reaching 16 seconds.

Finally, some new skins will arrive! Pathfinder, Wraith, Lifeline, Gibby, Mirage and Bloodhound are preparing some revisited interpretations of the classic looks to celebrate the War Games; so be sure to check out the Apex Shop.

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