Overwatch – The Kanezaka Challenge is now available

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Blizzard announced the arrival of a new su Overwatchthe Kanezaka Challenge, which is now available on all platforms.

The new year begins with the new map Deathmatch Free for all Kanezakanow available for Overwatch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

From now through January 25, players will also be able to earn limited-time rewards, including six unique sprays and the epic model Hanzo Kyōgisha.


By winning in Quick Match, Competitive Match or Arcade you get a new icon, spray and a new epic model: Hanzo Kyōgisha!

  • 3 wins | Pagoda icon
  • 6 wins | Yōkai spray
  • 9 wins | 1 new epic model: Hanzo Kyōgisha


From now until January 25, when you tune into the channels of any Twitch streamer playing Overwatch, you will be able to earn six Kanezaka Challenge sprays!

  • Watch for 2 hours | 1 new spray
  • Watch for 4 hours | 2 new sprays
  • Watch for 6 hours | 3 new sprays

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