PayDay 3 has found a publisher, will be released in 2023!

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After so many doubts, it just seems that PayDay 3 found a security: Starbreeze found the publisher for the game, and determined that this will be released in 2023.

Anyone who follows the news on this game knows that the gestation of the sequel to PayDay 2 was certainly not easy. Announced in 2017, PayDay 3 has suffered the tremendous financial blow of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, a production that risked making Starbreeze go bankrupt, which however found a new stability.

In 2019 the study confirmed that PayDay 3 it would have become a reality, but also that the wait would have been long also due to economic problems.

Today, however, a new page is written in the history of the new chapter of the PayDay series, and it is a very happy page for the game. Starbreeze has in fact announced that it has tightened a € 50 million agreement with Koch Media for the publication of the game, money that will obviously be spent by the studio on game development and marketing.

Not only that, because the agreement also mentions what the PayDay 3 post-launch support. At the moment, as we discover from the terms of the agreement, Starbreeze foresees 18 months support for his new video game dedicated to robberies.

This is certainly great news, not only for fans of the series but also for Starbreeze itself. The PayDay franchise is in fact among the most profitable for the company’s coffers, which still generates important profits, fundamental after the crash of The Walking Dead.

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