Pearl Abyss specifies: DokeV is no longer an MMO

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After the splendid trailer shown at the Gamescom 2021 during the Opening Night Livethe name of DokeV has been on everyone’s lips for several days.

As we also told you in our video-recap of the most interesting reveal seen during the ONL of the event, DokeV has captured the attention of many insiders, thanks to a presentation that shows a very layered gameplay and a remarkable graphics sector.

You can review the most important announcements in the video below.

After the reveal of the gameplay, Pearl Abyss has decided via Twitter to spread some further details on its new production, specifying that the initial project has been modified over time.

The authors of Black Desert Online and Crimson Desert, in fact, yesterday published a tweet in which they inform users that DokeV is no longer an MMOas was originally announced.

Initially announced in 2019, the DokeV project of the Koreans of Pearl Abyss was in fact presented as an MMORPG based on collecting monsters, but over time the software house decided to change the project in progress and turn it into a different experience.

In the tweet, which you can also see below, the developers have therefore specified that the game has taken another direction from the MMORPG genre and has become an open world action-adventure based on collecting creatures. However, it is not specified if the new nature of DokeV will be exclusively single player or if it will have a multiplayer component.

DokeV is currently in development for next generation PCs and consoles.

Below, you will also find a video made by the developers of DokeV in which the Pearl Abyss team discusses some features of the game.

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