PG Nationals Spring Split 2021: what happened in the first half of the season

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Here we are, the first seven days of the spring split of PG Nationalsthe Italian championship of Rainbow Six Siege, they literally flew. As usual, the greatest Italian competition leaves nothing to be desired in terms of entertainment and emotions, giving us unique and fun matches in the run-up to the annual playoffs in July. Without letting ourselves go to too much talk, let’s go and see what happened.

Rainbow Six BeSerious is born, the Italian “Serie B” of the Ubisoft shooter

After the victory of the MACKO in the winter split, some faces and names of the protagonists of the competition have changed, starting with the farewell of Mad Wizards And Goskillasome through Relegation, the others moved to GSA, passing through the apparent farewell of the CyberGround Gaming until the return of the Outplayed and at the entrance of the Reply Totem through Promotion Tournament. Many faces change, the rosters also change a little bit, i Mkers they qualify for the Invitational and promise war and devastation to every (literally every team) in their way for a year that, looking from the outside, must be theirs. The reigning champions feel confident in their quintet and only change coaches while in Notorious Legion makes his entrance Sloppyeven if compromised by a bad injury and masterfully replaced by the very valid NoAir. IGP and CyberGround offer two completely Italian rosters, the Hmble welcome Nyfuun and Apex.

Without the pleasantries of the case, therefore, the split begins and somehow the Mkers put us the beauty of three games to understand that, on Rainbow Six, losing a round is not such an irremediable tragedy, as evidenced by the 7-3 inflicted. to the MACKOs in the derby of the fourth day. Losing rounds, however, does not mean losing points and in fact the team that will represent Italy at Six Invitational closes this first half (without ban and without showing a shred of strategy) almost immaculate, were it not for the defeat before the break against the surprise of this split.

And it is precisely about them that we speak, of Outplayed. The Treiko-Oscar change at the beginning of the season had aroused general skepticism but evidently at the top they knew what they were doing and the choice paid off, to say the least. Five wins, one of which in extra time, only two defeats for a team that has improved significantly day after day and that deservedly perched in third place. Above them, in addition to the Mkers, only the Hmbles, another good team. The guys from Cmarcor offered solid performances especially in the last stages of the split where Lolloboi, who took over from carzi, started to do good and bad weather. Well done.

Let’s now move on to the painful notes. Neither the MACKOs nor the NLEs, called to occupy the Top 3 together with the leaders, did not really meet the expectations in these first days. Both teams offered dull performances, leaving points left and right until the seventh playday, the day of the head to head. The return of Sloppy to the Italian-French roster is not enough, the reigning champions, also orphans of SirBoss, play a disruptive Villa by winning five attacks out of six and ending the discussion at 7-2 and breaking the ranking in half.

To close the ranking remain IGPwho after a far from positive start managed to recover points and hopes of salvation, CyberGround Gamingon equal points (6), victims of too much inconstancy and constant changes in training from day to day and, finally, the Reply Totem at an altitude of 4 which initially seemed to be able to really give more than what has been shown so far.


  1. Mkers 18pt
  2. Hmble 15pt
  3. Outplayed 14pt
  4. MACKO 12pt
  5. Notorious Legion 8pt
  6. Italian Gaming Project 6pt
  7. CyberGround Gaming 6pt
  8. Reply Totem 4pt

Now market break, in which we will enjoy the Six Invitational and then return with the last seven days and the playoffs of the split.

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