Phil Spencer: “Xbox will continue to vary its offer”

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about plans for the future of Xbox Game Studios and how acquisitions play an important role in Microsoft’s equation for proposing a new experience.

During the Unlocked podcast of IGNthe man behind the rebirth of the Xbox brand after the troubled years of Xbox One he talked about how his Game Studios team still has a long way to go when it comes to diversifying its first party production portfolio, but that at the same time the company has no intention of stopping this evolution.

“When I look at the portfolio, I still think there is an opportunity for us, I would say more family-friendly content”Spencer said. “When I think of the geographic diversity of our first party studios, I think there is still some work for us to do there.”

Diversify will be one of the most important buzzwords for the future of Xbox, and Spencer believes that acquisitions were a very important step to do so, and will continue to be so in the future:

The number one thing driving our platform is the power of creators, whether it’s our first party or third party, and this must be a constant goal for us. And as it all continues to grow, as the business grows, as the engagement grows, as the subscribers grow, we will continue to grow our first party capacity, it’s just kind of part of the mission we’re on and I think that you will continue to see it.

Xbox currently has 23 firsty party studios, following the rich acquisition of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda which brought many software houses under Microsoft’s control, from id Software to Arkane to name a few. In the latest Xbox events, we’ve already seen the fruits of these new acquisitions. Microsoft’s studios have in fact already been working for some time on some titles that have attracted attention, such as Avowed, Redfall, the new Fable and the sequel to The Outer Worlds.

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