Playstation Plus games February 2021: certainties, rumors and forecasts

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At the head of our usual mid-month appointment with PlayStation Plus game predictions a word has been added: “certainties”. Because? Thanks for the question, but you will only know soon.

As happens every half of the month, the time has come to find out which are the most quoted forecasts from the world of the web regarding PlayStation PlusSony’s subscription service essential to be able to play online on PS4 and PS5.

Speaking of PS5, with the arrival of the new generation console Sony has revised part of its policy towards the subscription service, which has started offering games to subscribers even on the latest one. In November, PS5 launch month, we had Bugsnax as a nice extra to the collection; in December it was the turn of Worms Rumble, while in January Maneater sharpened his teeth and sowed a long trail of blood on PS Plus for the first shark-based RPG.

Will this happen again in February? The answer is: absolutely yes, and in this case we are talking about a certainty. Here because.

Before continuing, we remind you that the official announcement of the PS Plus games for February 2021 will arrive on Wednesday 27 Januarybefore these are made available on February 2nd.

PS Plus games for PS5

As already announced several months ago, one of the games offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers in February, in particular as regards the PS5 catalog, will be Destruction AllStars. Exclusive PS5 developed by Lucid Games, Destruction AllStars is a nice combat racing game based on clashes between players, which has recently also been shown in a clip “stolen” from the PS5 SharePlay that you can watch here and which offers the first real look at the gameplay.

The PS Store, on which the game is already pre-orderable, offers a quick overview of the game’s features:

Master the harsh art of in-vehicle combat by perfecting timing, tactics and skills to inflict colossal amounts of damage, destruction and devastation in vibrant arenas around the world.

Get your fill of destruction behind the wheel or jump around the arena in a spectacular parkour stunt sequence as you dodge attacks, steal vehicles or use your skills to stop the oncoming charge.

Unleash enough chaos to upgrade your special vehicle featuring unique abilities.

As for the PS Plus offer on PS5, in short, things are already decided a priori: Destruction AllStars will be the new game for subscribers to the servicewho will be able to redeem it without spending anything more than the cost of PS Plus. We do not rule out a possible extra surprise, but the impression is that the title in question will be the only one as far as PS5 is concerned.

However, we do not know today when the game will actually be made available – we do not exclude that the release may be on Tuesday 2 February, the day of the update of the Plus catalog, but for now we have not yet had official details on this.

PS Plus forecast February 2021

Let’s now move on to the forecasts regarding the catalog in its entirety, which also includes the two games for PlayStation 4 – also usable on PS5 with backwards compatibility.

UPDATE: here is the official announcement with PS Plus games February 2021.

RacingGames drops two sensational bombs, which however appear quite unrealistic, if only taken together: the site talks about Marvel’s Spider-Man And Horizon: Zero Dawn as part of the PS Plus offering in February, in addition to the aforementioned Destruction AllStars. While the odds are indeed good for the Guerrilla Games game – we are still talking about a game that will soon turn 4, but which is highly regarded and whose universe will return later this year with Horizon: Forbidden West on PS4. and PS5 – we feel like discrediting the Spider-Man hypothesis. This is for a simple reason, namely that recently the game has been revived on PS5 with an enhanced (paid) version launched together with the spin-off dedicated to Miles Morales. Seeing both titles would certainly be a big surprise, but hardly achievable, especially in the case of the Insomniac Games game.

PSU instead he replies with far more realistic forecasts. Civilization VI, the splendid management software, could in fact be a good protagonist of the PS Plus line-up to vary the offer, then flanked by a rather controversial Ubisoft game but which is part of a well-known franchise. Let’s talk about Far Cry: New Dawnthe spin-off of the fifth chapter with some new dynamics to tell the truth not particularly appreciated, but whose inclusion on PS Plus could make sense: after all, by the end of 2021 Far Cry 6 will be launched, the brand new game in the series .

Among the forecasts that come from Reddit we have the evergreens instead Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (which in rotation has been hypothesized by all portals for years now, every month), Dark Souls Remastered, MediEvil, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (it would be a much appreciated surprise, but difficult at the moment) and NieR Automata, of which we will also see soon the return of the prequel with an interesting remastered. The idea of Hitman 2 as part of the PS Plus line-up in February, a move that could serve IO Interactive to encourage players to try the game and then decide to buy Hitman 3which will be available later this month.

Realsport101 also brings up the very valid A Way Out by Electronic Arts, a title that can only be used in two players and that would certainly make sense for the main purpose of PS Plus. EveryeyeHowever, February will also be the month of Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers. For the occasion, the Italian portal pulls out of the hat an all-Italian name but forgotten for too long, the romantic Last Day of June by Ovosonico. It will be like this?

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