Playstation Plus games March 2021: rumors and forecasts

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As happens every half of the month, the time has come to find out which are the most quoted forecasts from the world of the web regarding PlayStation Plus.

By now we know well how PlayStation Plus works: it is the subscription service that allows you to play online on PS4 and PS5, and which monthly offers some video games to its members without further disbursements.

The service has changed a lot since its debut, which dates back to 11 years ago, but for some months the formula has been consolidated: together with the usual two games for PlayStation 4, Sony also includes a title for PS5 on PS Plus.

Since the release of the new console we have had Bugsnax, Worms Rumble and Maneater, as well as of course Destruction AllStars which has been available for two weeks and was made available immediately as part of the February line-up of the service.

But what will the PS Plus free games in March 2021?

We will see today the most quoted forecasts on the net, not before assuming a scenario that is all in all likely: in fact, it cannot be excluded that Destruction AllStars will be included in the PlayStation Plus line-up for PS5 also in the month of March, in order to allow more and more users to flesh out the servers of the Lucid game. Obviously this is our consideration, but it is not unlikely.

Before setting out in search of what are the forecasts of the world of the web and of the players for the new line-up of the service, we remind you that the official announcement of the March 2021 PS Plus games will arrive on Wednesday, February 24thbefore these are made available on March 2nd.

PS Plus forecast March 2021

The site lists various possibilities for the PS Plus collection of the new March games: among these we find, for example, Terminator Resistance, which in a few days will have a free upgrade for the next-gen (the comparison is made with Control Ultimate Editionwho was the star of the February line-up); Untitled Goose Game is another option, along with Planet Coaster. As for the more full-bodied games, the predictions range from Far Cry 5which could be a good business card pending the release of the sixth chapter (the release date may be leaked, if you missed it), and the evergreen Uncharted: The Lost Legacythe spin-off of the Nathan Drake saga that has been included in the forecasts of PS Plus for some time now.

The same site also proposes a hypothesis that is perhaps unlikely but very fascinating: Disc Elysium. Difficult to see the masterpiece as a gift immediately with PS Plus (the release is also set at the end of March), but we would be very happy to see the game in the line-up next month.

PSU raises with a trio of important and, why not, plausible games. Just like for Control, Sony could leverage the next-gen upgrade to offer its subscribers Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Deluxe Edition, the now famous tactical shooter that over the years has had a constant and impressive growth giving life to a vast esports panorama. With Blair Witchthe horror game for PS4, the same site then speculates Gran Turismo Sport as the third game in the March line-up. Among the Sony exclusives not yet offered through PS Plus, GT Sport could be the most likely one if we think about upcoming PS5 releases. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will be available in June (here is the date and the new trailer), but the 2016 game has already been part of PS Plus in the past. Then, by the end of the year, GT7, the new chapter in the racing series, should arrive and the relaunch of GT Sport as a game for subscribers could be a good thing.

Curiously, GT Sport and Rainbow Six: Siege Deluxe Edition are also mentioned by Italy24news as the most eligible candidates to join the new list of PlayStation Plus games, along with a PS5 game not yet offered – The Pathless, of which you can read our review here. Forecasts that are taken up in full by the Italian Everyeye.itwhich includes them among its forecasts for March 2021 for PS Plus.

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