PlayStation Plus, May games revealed? A reliable insider is sure

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In a few days we will know which games will be in the catalog of PlayStation Plus of May 2021but from a reliable insider comes a prediction that Sony may have anticipated.

We have already told you about the forecasts of the web world regarding the games offered to PS Plus subscribers for the next month, but this time it is necessary to point out a rumor that has proved to be reliable in the past.

The insider Shpeshal Edin March, he had in fact correctly anticipated the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake as a new title for PlayStation Plus subscribers, a forecast which later turned out to be spot on.

This time the insider is back in the limelight, and claims to have already heard some interesting and potential information about the service line-up for the next month.

Not before reminding you that the information does not naturally come from an official source, this is what the insider predicted.

Shseshal Ed claims that Sony will focus heavily on one of the most popular RPGs of the last year, the colossal Disc Elysium recently arrived on consoles, to enrich the quality of the PS Plus library. Although the game has been made available a few weeks ago, such a move would not be surprising, and indeed we have already seen various titles ride the wave of success thanks to PS Plus like the latest Oddworld: Soulstorm.

The same insider then states that too Godfall could be part of the offer for PS Plus subscribers. The looter shooter published by Gearbox Software was not very well received by critics, but Sony could decide to try a relaunch also thanks to the fact that PS5 is (slowly) reaching more and more players.

What do you think of these predictions? Would you like it if these were the PlayStation Plus titles for May?

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