PlayStation Showcase: Jim Ryan asked staff to ‘make some noise and send a message’

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Following the recent announcement of the PlayStation Showcase, information relating to the anticipated Sony event is obviously multiplying.

One of the most relevant indiscretions would see none other than Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, at the center of the matter. In order to prepare the staff in the best possible way, the manager would in fact have sent an e-mail in which the fixed points that the event must convey to the public are declaimed.

Ryan allegedly asked collaborators to “make some noise, and send a message to everyone”. The indiscretion comes via a Twitter post from Millie Aan insider already known for having correctly guessed the news regarding Hogwarts Legacy.

In the state, two words are reported, namely: “Total Mindshare” which, in marketing jargon, want to describe consumer awareness and the popularity surrounding a company.

No wonder the executive wants to ride the wave of success given the stellar sales of PlayStation 5, but this message sent to employees could also serve as a response to the EU’s approval of the acquisition of Activision by part of Microsoft, which certainly did not please the CEO.

To know the real answer, however, all we have to do is wait a few days, so as to see the PlayStation Showcase.

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