PlayStation VR2: Sales are drastically lower than expected

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Since last February 22, PlayStation VR2 has been available, the brand new virtual reality device that has renewed and improved its predecessor in every aspect, making it, in fact, one of the most valid products in the category (and fortunately, given the list price all ‘other than accessible).

Despite these excellent premises, the device does not seem to have received great appeal either as regards the developers (as we told you in our special) or as regards the public.

Through a recent report by Bloomberg in fact, we learn that since last February, approximately 270,000 units worldwide (source analysis company IDC). These numbers raise big questions, especially given Sony’s initial estimate, willing to reach two million viewers distributed within the launch window (now utopian panorama).

Obviously the main problem of this situation concerns the selling price which, reaching figures higher than the purchase of a PlayStation 5, has strongly held back consumers from opening their wallets to grab the new Sony-branded hardware. In addition to this there is (as we have always described previously) a rather weak launch line up, with Horizon: Call of the Mountain not engaging players as hoped.

To try to fix the fate of PSVR2 a rapid and significant price reduction would therefore be necessaryworth having to label this project as a real commercial flop.

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