PlayStaton Showcase, Naughty Dog seems to suggest his participation in the event

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A developer of Naughty Dog seems to hint that the software house will be tonight at the PlayStation Showcase, in which the new project by the creators of Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted could be presented.

A few hours ago, senior editor Samuel Prince tweeted the announcement of the PlayStation Showcasethe highly anticipated event that will be held tonight at 22:00 Italian time and which of course we will follow by bringing you all the updates in real time.

Although Prince’s tweet features nothing more than the eye emoji, this all just seems like a saying “Something I worked on will be featured in this event, please watch it”. Prince’s LinkedIn profile states that the developer previously worked on “Long-lasting marketing materials” for previous State of Play broadcasts and currently works with Naughty Dog’s marketing department while it is “Responsible for editing […] of trailers “.

In short, a trailer made by Naughty Dog could be present at tonight’s event, and fans are starting to speculate.

We don’t know what Naughty Dog might show at tonight’s showcase, but there is ample room for speculation. Although the dream remains a return of Jak & Daxter with a remake or with the fourth chapter, which Naughty Dog has declared to always have in the wish list, the most plausible hypotheses are others.

The most likely remains a raise of The Last of Us: Part II on PS5, perhaps with a Director’s Cut as happened recently to Ghost of Tushima – and as it will happen soon with Death Stranding – but let’s not forget that in recent months there was a lot of talk about a remake of the first chapter, which had caused discussion.

The most realistic project, however, remains at least for now the multiplayer sector of the most recent Naughty Dog game, which will be offered as a standalone product. Naughty Dog had already stated in 2019 that it was working on this mode, but that first of all it would have concluded the single player of The Last of Us: Part II.

Tonight, of course, we will know more.

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