PlaySys announces Dreamers, coming to PlayStation and other platforms in 2021

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Imagine receiving a mysterious letter, which will lead you to face a series of adventures in a still unexplored world. A world in which there will be adversity, moments of uncertainty and surprising emotions, because the journey you are invited to undertake will not take you to the places you expect to arrive.

So it opens up DREAMERS, the new video game by PlaySys, a 3D adventure with a guided open world, characterized by a multifaceted gameplay that extends over different territories offering numerous encounters with characters, puzzles and various sub-games. The first console game from the Milanese studio, DREAMERS promises to emotionally transport players into a fantastic and well-finished world in all respects.

Much of the game takes place in sinlge-player but there will be the possibility of using cooperative multi-characters in specific environments. There will be environmental puzzles and challenges of many types, vehicles to drive and upgrade in a mobile game style, as well as a vast map to discover, objects to collect and quests to complete.

All these elements have been thought out and defined in detail with attention, to give the gamer public a unique product of its kind, a game within everyone’s reach, without barriers of difficulty and without game over, which can offer emotions to a nostalgic audience. and, at the same time, offer a modern experience for novice players.

Game features

  • A whole different story. DREAMERS deals with the theme of travel, which in a metaphorical key becomes a discovery of the daily life that we face every day as we grow up. The PlaySys title is therefore designed to be experienced by all players who like to discover the story and be led by the hand, through a narrative that lets itself be revealed slowly. The intent of DREAMERS is also to bring a twist to the classic graphic adventures, introducing some elements of contamination characteristic of other genres, in which the player will live an experience of several hours with various gameplay in a freely explorable world.

  • Art vs Feeling. The entire title is developed in 3D graphics with a very particular choice in terms of colors and, from a technical point of view, the use of graphic elements. An obviously thought-out choice, complete with development tools made specifically by PlaySys, and which will also have a feedback in the narrative part. The game comes with non-photorealistic graphics and angular lines, deliberately low-poly, to create an imbalance between the narrative and the visual style defined by vivid and reassuring colors, in stark contrast to the presence of the deep themes that are addressed.

  • Journey through worlds and sensations. The game deals with important issues of the individual’s daily life, such as family, bureaucracy and the disappointments that, at times, ensue. Also, a key point of the PlaySys title is the lack of self-centeredness in storytelling. Not all NPCs are just as functional as in other games, but many actively participate in the community by bringing their own character. Not all the characters, in fact, are called to involve the protagonists who often feel marginalized or, sometimes, alienated from the virtual society of DREAMERS. To bring all these low-poly NPCs to life and to increase their narrative contrast, PlaySys invested in creating a motion capture theater in their offices.

  • World at your code’s fingertips. Another feature that makes the creation process versatile is the use of its own interactive video game and application development toolkit – the “PlaySys Interaction Framework”. Only with a series of tools created over the 13 years of presence on the international market, the PlaySys team was able to kick off the work in the creation of such an ambitious title, launching itself into a production of over two years of work.

The game is scheduled for release the second half of 2021 for PlayStation and other consoles. Further details on the gaming platforms will be communicated later.

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