PS Now, February titles revealed: Call of Duty is here!

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Today Sony has unveiled the titles that will join the Playstation Now in February. Specifically, we find a total of six new video games that will enrich the library of the streaming service:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III;
  • Detroit: Become Human;
  • Darksiders Genesis;
  • Little Nightmares;
  • Hotline Miami 2;
  • WWe 2K Battlegrounds.

The titles are already available in the library and can be downloaded or streamed to your PS4 or PS5. Sony also announced that Black Ops III will remain available until the next April 29 while WWE 2K Battlegrounds up to 2 August. As for the other games on the list, no information has been released. What is certain is that Hitman 2 And Dead Cells will come off the list of playable titles with the PS Now subscription.

Before concluding, we remind you that today Sony has also made available the Playstation Plus games of February 2021. Among these we also find the exclusive PS5 Destruction AllStars, a new ip based on vehicle clashes.

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