PS Plus games October 2020: rumors and previews

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That particular moment of each month has arrived, that is, the period in which players begin to ask themselves the first questions about what are the games of the month Playstation Plus October 2020 which will be released for free on PlayStation 4 in a few weeks.

Naturally, like every month, in this series of articles that collects web forecasts, we would like to remind you that the titles have not yet been made official at the time we are writing this article. However, some well-known portals are always engaged in the constant prediction and search for what could be free games.

The latest free games dedicated to PS Plus they were not warmly received by the community. After the phenomenal Fall Guys in August, the PS Plus of September 2020 was characterized by PUBG and Street Fighter 5, two certainly valid titles but which have disappointed the expectations of the players. While waiting to know the official line-up, it’s always good to take a look ahead and not be left behind with the download of the next ones video games as a gift from the Sony store.

Barring unforeseen events, the official announcement with all new PS Plus games October 2020 will arrive in the afternoon of Wednesday 30 September, however the rumors and anticipations that flow on the net are already numerous. releases a duo that is certainly iconic, but which we are sure is not particularly suitable for a generalist and very large audience. Mind you, the two games predicted by the portal, ie The Last Guardian And Shenmue I & II, are pearls that each of us should play, sooner or later. The first is poetic but also problematic, the second extraordinary but also very aged (which collects the first two chapters of Shenmue), which would make the October PS Plus line-up, if it were to be this, very particular. Perhaps too particular.

There is also insistent talk, on other portals, of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which, in fact, could be a not so surprising move. Capcom is in the midst of promoting the new chapter in the series (which will be back in a few days) and the game has already been included on PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass in this period. Relaunching it on PS Plus as well would make sense.

More varied are the forecasts of VGR, which, sticking to this month’s releases, offers a wider selection of possibilities. According to the portal, Electronic Arts could decide to give Plus subscribers the history Super Star Wars, on the occasion of the release of Star Wars: Squadrons in a few weeks. Similarly Milestone, with Ride 4 which will debut next month, could tease fans of two wheels with the previous chapter in the series, Laugh 3. Among other forecasts, there is also the curious Crypt of the NecroDancer, a Canadian indie halfway between a roguelike and a rhythm game.

Watch Dogs 2, on the contrary, releases decidedly important names in its forecasts. The main suspects to join the Plus line-up are MediEvilwhose remake will soon celebrate a year, and Watch Dogs 2, given away on several occasions by Ubisoft on PC and whose narrative universe will soon expand with the new Legion out at the end of the month. However, the Italian portal does not forget the exclusives: if Sony were to decide to insert an important AAA to enrich its line-up, the choice could fall on the aforementioned The Last Guardian or on Horizon: Zero Dawna decidedly important name and which would also be a move in anticipation of the already announced Horizon: Forbidden West on PS5.

And about that, what will PlayStation Plus be like on PS5? A question that we may have an answer to tomorrow, in the highly anticipated console presentation event in the late evening. Will there be changes in price and features? Will the Plus still be mandatory to play online? Will the number of free titles be increased? We just have to wait for official news to find out more.

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