PS4 and PS5: The greatest revenues come from DLC and microtransactions

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It is no news that Sony has sold PS4 at a loss and has decided to implement the same strategy for Playstation 5. The aim of the Japanese giant is in fact to attract as many users as possible so as to achieve its main purpose: to make profits from the services offered (Playstation Plus, software, Playstation Now, add-ons). A very sensible tactic that even Microsoft has implemented very well as evidenced by the excellent results obtained with Xbox Game Pass.

Sony confirms: PS5 is sold at a loss!

In this regard, Sony has published the latest financial situation of the company highlighting that 29% of the preventi derive from the sale of DLCs, expansions and microtransactions of various kinds. Just think that such sales have increased by nearly 50% over last yearmarking the modest amount of 2.45 billion dollars. In proportion, therefore, in the last quarter DLC and microtransactions have brought more earnings than the sale of games and hardware (PS4 and PS5). To be honest this is not a surprise considering that many publishers are turning to add-on content to raise cash.

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