PS5, here’s how the English touts managed to run out of stocks of the console

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A few days ago we reported the news that some English touts they had managed to buy over 2000 PS5s from the GAME dealer, quickly running out of all available stocks. Also today Argosanother UK retailer, was a victim of scalping, preventing honest consumers from being able to buy their console.

But how did the touts manage to drain most of the units made available by Argos? The answer comes from colleagues at IGN USA which, through reliable sources, seems to have found an answer to the question. In particular, it seems that the touts managed to purchase the consoles on January 25, 2021, a day before the actual opening of orders on the retailer’s website. This is thanks to a paid Discord server where you can share links with which you can make purchases on the console. Although Argos managed to block some of the suspicious purchases, those responsible for this action have not yet been identified.

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: GameStop’s PS5 D3 arrives next week!

Obviously we will not fail to update you if we have new information on this. Before concluding, we remind you that the touting had already hit Nintendo Switch during the lockdown.

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