PS5 reaches 10 million consoles sold, Xbox Series X close to 6 million

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Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 359.529 units sold for the week ending July 10, an estimated VGChartz. The Switch has now sold an estimated 88.50 millions of unity, and it will now be interesting to understand if the new Nintendo Switch OLED will be able to give a new sprint to sales.

More interesting are the data relating to next-gen consoles, and in both cases the numbers are excellent, even considering the scarcity of units.

PlayStation 5 sold approx 235.907 units, bringing its total sales to a major milestone – 10.01 million units. For Sony it is a record: PS4 took 39 weeks to exceed 10 million units sold, while PS5 took 35 weeks from launch to achieve the same milestone.

The numbers of Xbox Series X | Swhich sold 116,412 units this week to bring total sales to 5.93 million units.

The numbers of the older generation consoles, on the other hand, are obviously decreasing. PlayStation 4 has sold approx 24,862 unit, Xbox One sold 11.308 units and Nintendo 3DS sold 603 unit. Sales of Nintendo Switch compared to the same week a year ago increased by 406 units (0.1%). PlayStation 4 is down 104,767 (-80.8%), Xbox One is down 17,620 units (-60.9%) and the 3DS is down 6,748 units (-91.8%).

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