PS5, Sony unveils two new official colors for the DualSense controller

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Sony has announced the arrival, scheduled for June, of two new versions of the controller DualSense of PS5 characterized by different colors from the traditional white.

THE two new official colors of the DualSense rangewhich you have already seen in the image above, are Midnight Black and Cosmic Red.

As the official PlayStation blog page reports:

Midnight Black features two slightly different shades of black with light gray details that represent space when we observe it at night, while Cosmic Red features a stunning black and red design inspired by the vibrant and unique shades of red typical of the cosmos.

Here is also the video presentation of the two new colors.

This new line of colors will be available at participating retail outlets around the world starting next month.

At the time of writing this news, at least as far as Italy is concerned, no retailer has yet opened reservations for the new DualSense units.

Speaking of Sony, just a few hours ago Hermen Hulst, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, announced that 25 PS5 exclusives are in development, among which we find some big names.

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