PS5, still rumors about the remake of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill (which would be exclusive)

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Up ResetEra A rumor initially spread in recent months is back in fashion, and which calls into question two IPs of impressive historical value: Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.

In fact, this is by no means the first time we have read about the MGS and Silent Hill brands associated with Sony, and in particular with new PlayStation 5 related projects. Already at the beginning of last year, when the new console was still to be presented, many insiders agreed in stating that Sony was entering into special agreements with Konami for the exploitation or even the purchase of some of its great IPs of the past, which would be precisely the horror saga and the creature of Hideo Kojima.

Months after the latest rumors, the insiders return to the office and are more convinced than ever: the remake of Metal Gear Solid is in development, as well as a new game in the Silent Hill seriesand both will be PS5 exclusive.

In a thread on the famous forum which talks about the future projects of PlayStation Studiosinaugurated with 2021 and in which already known names such as God of War: Ragnarok, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and many other titles stand out (by the way, Sony has just today set the launch windows of some exclusive PS5), users once again invoked the insider KatharsisTwhich in the past had already talked about possible new Konami projects.

The insider, again, says he is certain that the details he disseminated months ago will materialize, and that indeed the development of these projects is already underway.

In particular, the insider once again recalls the studies that would be working on these two games. Bluepoint Gameswho has stunned with remakes of Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls in recent years, would be taking care of rebuild the first chapter of the Metal Gear Solid sagacontinuing its now habitual tradition of re-proposing the great PlayStation classics in a modern sauce.

The new Silent Hillinstead, which apparently will not be a remake but perhaps an unreleased chapter, has been assigned to Sony Japan Studio, who long ago were well known in the horror field. The two chapters of the series Forbidden Siren in fact, they came from the Japanese studio owned by Sony, which then began to devote itself to different projects such as Gravity Rush, AstroBot and the forgettable Knack. It is not clear, however, if the insider refers to another highly rated rumor of recent times, the one that would see Hideo Kojima as a collaborator in the development of Silent Hill to try to bring to light his canceled game of the series.

Both games, as born from the collaboration between Sony and Konami, will be PS5 exclusive.

Of course, we remind you to take the information you have just read with caution, after all we are talking about news not confirmed by official sources. As we recalled, however, Insiders have been talking a lot about the returns of MGS and Silent Hill for a long time nowand as nostalgic gamers we can only hope that these rumors are true …

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