PS5, there is an error in the display of the titles played

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Among the many feature of PS5 we find one that allows you to view the titles played with your player profile.

Apparently the function would seem to have some problems, considering that many gamers are experiencing display errors. In particular, it appears that Playstation 5 is showing unplayed titles instead of those actually started and completed by users. The case was raised by Liam Croft (Push Square), which showed an image which shows that the journalist is 100% finished “Rez Infinite“When in reality it was”Gone Home“. Actually good Croft never started that title, like many others that appear on his list.

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According to some testimonies it would seem that theerror could be due to the Resident Evil Village demo. Obviously this is not a bug which ruins the gaming experience but it would still be preferable to be able to see your game characteristics correctly. In any case, we are sure that Sony will arrange things in the next few days. Before concluding, we remind you that the Japanese company will release a new firmware to fix a compatibility error with Samsung TVs.

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