PS5 – This is what the LEDs under the Dualsense touchpad are for

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The release of Playstation 5 is now imminent. Despite this, Sony has not yet discovered all its cards on the console, continuing to release more or less useful information as we approach the release date. The latest news concerns the Dualsense, the controller with which we will be able to play on PS5. As you have already seen, the Dualsense differs from the “old” Dualshock 4 also for the light bar which, unlike the latter, is placed around the touchpad. However, the most attentive will have noticed that little a led appears under the touchpad, the usefulness of which was unknown until now.

Apparently it would not be a single light, but of four lights that will serve to indicate the player number: 1 for player one, 2 for player two and so on. This is a rather useful feature that closely resembles i red LEDs present in the Dualshock 3 which, fundamentally, had the same usefulness. Before concluding, we remind you that Dualsense will have adaptive triggers that will increase the immersion and sensations of the players.

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