Quake is really close to returning, here are the first details!

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After so much talking, it seems that the QuakeCon by Bethesda which will take place in a few hours will officially show us the relaunch of Quake!

Although it had been in practice already confirmed by the Bethesda lineup, then modified to not spoil the surprise, it is now increasingly clear that we will soon see the relaunch of the series Quakewith an id Software project in which MachineGames, authors of Wolfenstein, also collaborated.

As if the Bethesda leak were not enough, the ESRB, the body that classifies video games, thought of it to give some further details on the return of one of the most famous FPS ever.

According to the official product page leaked today, Quake will be a shooter in which we will control a soldier who travels through time, with the aim of eliminating a dangerous threat that wants to destroy the whole of humanity.

The scenario seems to be the medieval one, where, however, we will be able to use rifles, nail guns and grenade launchers to eliminate any enemy that comes in front of us – zombies, demons, scorpions or humans.

Despite being developed under Bethesda, now owned by Microsoft, the ESRB anticipates that Quake will be a cross-platform titleplanned for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and even Nintendo Switch.

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