Rainbow 6 EU League | A bit of everything happens on the final day of the first stage

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After eight days, we are finally here. Very last day of the first stage of European League. As you already know, this first third of the season does not qualify the teams to anyone Major because we will have to play, in less than a month, the postponement Six Invitational Parisian. So let’s see what happened in these last five matches.

Rainbow 6 EU League | TrainHard overwhelming, Rogues liquidate G2


The French come from an excellent surprise performance against Vitality and want to reconfirm themselves against the gods Rogue equally motivated by their great victory. Explosive departure of the Germans with AceeZ that already from the first round begins his usual ruthless game by detaching heads left and right. In general, i Roguedemonstrate the same solidity of the last playday but for their part also the TrainHard they show enthusiasm and desire to sell and respond in style until 3-3. The offensive phase regenerates the French who jump forward by two rounds thanks to a BlaZ particularly impacting that drags his team up to the final 7-4 with a performance of 19 kills.

TEAM EMPIRE vs TEAM SECRET 7-5 (Consulate)

By now for these two teams it is only a matter of understanding who will occupy the bottom of the standings with the Empire who rightly have their heads elsewhere. However, it is precisely the Russians who are starting to be more concentrated and orderly in their defenses. Excellent first rounds of JoyStiCK who perfectly fulfills his role as a fragger, taking 6 kills to his name in the first rotation of the site alone. THE Secretall in all, they always manage to react without letting their opponents run away too much and closing the first fraction in absolute parity. The energy of the GSA team does not run out and response plays begin to arrive from, in particular, of Prane and Hife. However, it is the Empire who are the first to reach the matchpoint which, with almost a round flawlessfind their very first ever three-point victory of their Stage 1.

VIRTUS.PRO vs BDS ESPORT 7-2 (Consulate)

The French battleship got slapped by the Cowanas in the last, thrilling, match of last week, the Virtus.pro they are looking for redemption and a possible overtaking on the Vitality. THE BDS they start off with the right attitude in this Consulate, but it is their opponents who lethally capitalize on certain game situations and, therefore, go to 4-2 before going on offense. The French, however, seem to disappear from the map with the change of roles with m1lon who enters the map to literally do what he wants. Soon the Russians nail the matchpoint and win the game 7-2. Not bad for BDS who, with their heads already at the Invitational, take a defeat that is neither hot nor cold.


Now for the G2 the first Stage will certainly close outside the Top 4, a position in which, instead, i Natus Winning they have dabbled since Day 1. The two teams are equal in a first phase of play marked by aggression and bravado that leads to distributing two rounds each in the first four. The map, an unusual choice, is typically in favor of those who dominate more skills in firefight rather than planning and tactical execution in the game and with ten players of the genre, the show could only be guaranteed. After the reversal of roles, which is reached with the 4-2 in favor of the G2, the game proceeds completely in one direction towards the victory of the German team by 7-2. Here too, for the Na’vi, never mind, they remain first.


An interesting challenge between a Team Vitality on which so many disappointed expectations were placed and the exact opposite, i Cowana, able to beat BDS and close the Stage in an absolutely dignified position. The unexpected pick of the map does not seem to particularly upset the French who pocket one round after another in the attacking phase, closing with an excellent 5-1. The attempt of the English to recover the game in the passage to the attack is not enough, the little bee leaves behind only one round before definitively closing the game with what is the third 7-2 of the day.


  1. Natus Win 20pt
  2. BDS Esport 20pt
  3. Cowana Gaming 16pt
  4. Rogue 14pt
  5. G2 Esports 14pt
  6. Virtus.pro 14pt
  7. Team Vitality 13pt
  8. TrainHard 10pt
  9. Team Empire 8pt
  10. Team Secret 6pt

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