Rainbow 6 EU League | Blurr saves the Natus Vincere, the Cowanas shine at the debutante ball

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Double playday in this new week’s Rainbow Six European League with really succulent games for the hands that can already address the first balances of the group. Without getting lost in chatter, below is the report from last week in case you missed it, now, let’s jump into the action.

Rainbow 6 | European League: the Russians are at their peak, are the Rogues finally back?

ROGUE vs EMPIRE 7-5 (Clubhouse)

One side and the other of the coin: i Rogue they returned to win after a fast along a stage and a game, the Empire, for their part, they gravitate to the lower areas of the ranking awaiting redemption. Very nice game to watch, especially when they attack the Russians who are methodical and effective in everything they do. The frozen 3-3 of the first phase of the game turns, after the technical break, into a 7-5 that avoids extra time and launches the Germans to take the loot in full, condemning the opponents to the very last place instead.


The other Russian team is up against the Natus Winning fitter of recent times. In a map that has always been regarded as the home of the Virtus.pro, wTg and teammates show enormous resilience and solidity in the defensive phase, closing with a convincing 4-2. Inaccuracies and offensive distractions characterize the first rounds of the second phase of the game, preventing VPs from closing a game that they could have won with a few rounds early and less stress. Blurr, on the other hand, takes him to extra time with two plays as a true phenomenon and with a 1v3 clutch in the very last round after extra time brings 2 points to his bag. Painful defeat for the VPs.

G2 ESPORTS vs TEAM VITALITY 6-8 (Club House)

G2 running to climb the slope, Vitality looking for confirmation after beating the Empire last week. The reigning champions throw away a lot of offensive rounds and really lose a lot of firefights essential to cover Kayak in his defusing work, a situation that keeps the French afloat up to 3-3. The French continue on the right track with a simply unstoppable P4 that leads them to the conquest of the matchpoint where then the little bees sit a little too much on their laurels by granting extra time. However, two rounds are enough to assign the two points to Vitality.

BDS vs TEAM SECRET 7-2 (Oregon)

Team Secret looking for redemption but in front of a very tough opponent par excellence. The game goes on in the most expected way possible: Renshiro collects heads with embarrassing ease, the defense of the Secret falls apart with excessive ease while their attacks do not bring the desired effects in the least. THE BDS dominate far and wide and take first place in the standings.


The two rookies meet for the first time. The encounter-confrontation is all in favor of Cowana Gaming from the very first moments, which start the match simply by neutralizing any opponent’s offensive and immediately bringing them to a moral level in a state of awe that inevitably affects the entire French team. With the reversal of roles we are already on the matchpoint for the English who do not even give the illusion of wanting to play their opponents by sweeping them away with a clear 7-0.


  1. BDS Esport 12pt
  2. Natus Vincere 11pt
  3. Rogue 8pt
  4. G2 Esports 7pt
  5. Cowana Gaming 6pt
  6. Team Vitality 6pt
  7. TrainHard Esport 3pt
  8. Virtus.pro 3pt
  9. Team Secret 3pt
  10. Team Empire 1pt

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