Rainbow 6 EU League | Empire, what a pain! Na’Vi and BDS keep flying

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Begins the last week of the first internship of European League given that three playdays are concentrated in these seven days. Three days full of important matches and direct clashes for a first stage which, in a certain sense, neglecting the mountain of money it assigns, is worth nothing, given the lack of the Major, but which is a not indifferent test bed in view of the ‘highly anticipated Six Invitational. Without getting lost in other talk, therefore, let’s jump into the games of last night.

Rainbow 6 EU League | setback for G2 and Na’Vi, the Empire take the first victory

TRAINHARD vs EMPIRE 6-8 (Club House)

To scrape the bottom of the ranking of this first stage there are TrainHardnever really convincing in these first six games, ed Empire returning from an important victory but which still shows several flaws in the overall system. The French in defense start well with audacity and organization that leads Dirza, for example, to take three vital kills on the same scale in the first round. The Empire accelerate but fail to affect enough to close the first half of the game ahead, which puts it on 3-3. The match remains very fierce even in the second half of the race with the two teams competing round after round until the TrainHard, after the tactical break, rush forward to catch the matchpoint. The Russians do not get upset and manage to drag the match into extra time and then definitively overturn the situation by taking home two sweaty points.


THE Virtus.pro struggle to keep up with the top-of-the-class train, i Cowana to remain in the top 4 so far deserved without a shadow of a doubt. The VPs start well by winning two defenses immediately but without completing the rotation with the English who in the third round forcefully enter the site from Aquarius, removing the five opponents in record time. Like the previous one, this match also lights up with the Cowanas winning two rounds but the Russians responding in tone with p4sh4 who decides to make, all of a sudden, the bet of the day you see below. Again the British team begins to get to grips with Sloth who begins to engage and brings him to the matchpoint. Here too we return to extra time after two matchpoints canceled with the Cowanas who, however, elegantly close the practice within two rounds.

G2 ESPORTS vs BDS 4-7 (Club House)

A match that was the protagonist of two finals on three competitive events last year, a Major and the European finals, where the two teams shared a title each. A very heartfelt and hot match that starts immediately with a masterful clutch by UUNO which i BDS they respond immediately settling the accounts. The first part of the game is very animated with the two teams not showing any sign of wanting to concede an inch, keeping their heads up to the partial 3-3. At the change of roles, however, it is the French who take off and, after conceding just one round, they move to the matchpoint and then win the game a round later.

NATUS VINCERE vs ROGUE 7-1 (Club House)

Both returning from a defeat, for i Natus Winning unexpected and not too painful, for the Rogue, perhaps, a wasted opportunity. As usual the Na’Vi start explosively and clearly win the first three game rounds thanks to a very convincing performance by the usual Blurr and Doki who do not miss Saves in the lobby. The first half of the match flies away like nothing at 5-1 for the gialloneri. The match ends with two more rounds won by the Na’Vi thanks to a little bit of luck that helps Nath to avoid cryn’s clutch. A victory that, however, would hardly have been questioned.


THE Vitality they travel on the wave of enthusiasm and meet the Team Secret, increasingly last and in crisis. A match, the one between the two teams, unexpectedly balanced but marked by some small errors in the setting phase of the attack. The French miss out on a few details too defensively speaking and, in fact, close the reversal by two rounds. Details that unfortunately are also lost in attack with the round that brings the Secret to the matchpoint that sees the complicity of a rather unlikely Frost trap on the scales of Cool Vibes. However, after a canceled matchpoint, the Germans still find themselves winning the match and taking three points as good as they are unexpected.


  1. BDS Esport 19pt
  2. Natus Win 17pt
  3. Cowana Gaming 14pt
  4. G2 Esports 11pt
  5. Rogue 11pt
  6. Team Vitality 10pt
  7. Virtus.pro 8pt
  8. Team Secret 6pt
  9. Team Empire 5pt
  10. TrainHard Esport 4pt

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