Rainbow 6 EU League | Rogue and G2 win again, Vitality disappointment on the second day

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Here we are back! Second day of European League. Without going to get lost in chat, I leave you here the first report of the season and let’s go immediately to see how Monday’s matches went.

Rainbow 6 | European League: derby air in the first playday

The day really starts with a bang: on the one hand i G2wounded in pride by a not exactly ideal first day, by the other gods Virtus.pro who won the derby with Empire and they want to replicate the good shown. The game is immediately crackling: C4 starts from the Russian defense perfectly calibrated with the attack that always finds a way to respond in tone up to the logical 3-3 reversal of roles. The equilibrium is broken, however, right here, where the defenses of the G2 begin to show their greatest effectiveness by bringing the reigning champions first to the matchpoint and then, a little with an oversight by the Russians, a little with the skill of Kayak that makes a tragicomically providential clutch, in the first three points of the season.

Second match of the day is the one between BDS and Empire. The French won, not without difficulty, in the opening match but find opponents in front of them motivated to do their best to snatch a few points from the competition. The Russians start very badly: the attacks in themselves would not even be bad but the coordination is bad and too many times BDS can get away with it. The technical break only gives the impression that the Russians are about to recover because then the French monologue starts once again to close the games on the definitive 7-3.

After a not too convincing first exit, i TraiHard they face a dangerous one Team Secret, motivated by the victory against the G2. A challenge that the French approach very well, they stand up to their opponents in the first part of the game and then distance themselves with BlaZ who succeeds, at round 10 he finally shows what he is capable of bringing his team to the matchpoint with a simply phenomenal quadruple. The match ends 7-4 for the French who get their very first victory in the European League.

THE Vitalityreturning from a defeat not entirely negative against the French rivals of all time, meet the Rogue which are expected for a net redemption from the first playday. The first phase of the game is totally dominated by the French far and wide with BBooAF, risze and Kaktus above all who become authors of a simply monstrous performance closed on the momentary 5-1. Momentary because the Rogue defenses seem to start working properly and allows them to level the game at 5-5. The practice extends to extra time where the Germans finally manage to break the curse and win 2 very important points.

The last match of the day is the all-British derby between Natus Winning And Cowana Gaming who play for the top of the table with BDS. THE Natus Winning they are still the same extremely proactive and aggressive team of the first day and do not let their opponents pass half of it, leading them to a 4-2 reversal of roles. The war machine in yellow continues to crush its opponents even in the offensive phase and closing the match at the final 7-4, after a brief opponent’s exploit.

Let’s go now to see the ranking of the second day.


  1. Natus Vincere 6pt
  2. BDS Esport 6pt
  3. Cowana Gaming 3pt
  4. G2 Esport 3pt
  5. Team Secret 3pt
  6. TrainHard eSports 3pt
  7. Virtus.pro 2pt
  8. Rogue 2pt
  9. Team Empire 1pt
  10. Team Vitality 1pt

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