Rainbow 6 EU League | setback for G2 and Na’Vi, the Empire take the first victory

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We are at the end of this one European League but in the few days that remain, absolutely explosive matches await us and will then lead us to the much coveted Six Invitational 2021. Without delay, let’s go and see how the matches of this sixth day went.

Rainbow 6 EU League | Empire in Black Crisis, Natus Vincere – BDS is a beautiful show


Two teams in crisis fighting the last areas of the standings. After a rocket start of the TrainHard who conquer the first round of the map in an apparently organized and aggressive way are the Virtus.pro to take the situation in hand with a clear demonstration of superiority over the opponents with wTg and m1lonin grande popping. As expected, the Russians arrive at the reversal of roles with a double advantage 4-2 without too many problems. The fresh winners of the French Open Cup fail to convince in the defensive phase: they conquer a round thanks to a Frost trap after losing a decisively important numerical superiority and then finally collapsing a round later and conceding the map.

G2 ESPORTS vs TEAM EMPIRE 7-8 (Consulate)

The classic of this esport: G2 against Team Empire it is always a special match, not only for the fans of the two teams, but for all the fans. The reigning champions have a great start, sending the forwards into confusion, especially in the second round with Virtue who invents a crazy game by making the drone go up and down Echo from the trap door of Secret Room and literally driving you mad ShepparD. Two excellent rounds of the G2 respond to two excellent rounds of the Empire who find the way to the plant up to 2-2 managing to circumvent the defense. The reversal of the roles is 4-2, a result that raises the Russians up to par in a game, as per tradition, very heated. The second half of the race goes well for the Russians but not enough to make them run away with full loot. In fact, in the Atrium and the Press Room the G2 prevail, exploiting the slightest technicality to attack the opponent’s defense and find the way to the plant easily. They take a round each before seeing two points go towards Empire for a matter of a few tenths of a second.

ROGUE vs BDS ESPORT 3-7 (Consulate)

THE BDS veterans from a not just wrong step against the Na’Vi meet a team, that of Rogue which seems to really travel on the wave of enthusiasm. And the wave of enthusiasm also extends to the beginning of the match with AceeZ and teammates who take home the first two rounds, closely marking every attempt by the attackers to take space on the map. The BDS gain confidence and annihilate the advantage of the opponents with Shaiiko who finally decides to wake up and AceeZ who, after an amazing play, gives a round to the French with a small smear that Renshiro punishes without thinking twice. Enthusiasm turned off at the time of the reversal of roles with the advantage that is overturned in 4-2 in favor of the new defenders. The offensive phase of the Rogue does not scratch at all the solid defenses of the BDS who fly to the matchpoint and conquer it without too much effort by sealing three other very important points.

NATUS VINCERE vs TEAM VITALITY 6-8 (Kafé Dostoyevsky)

Very uncomfortable opponent for the Team Vitality who finds a fresh win against direct rivals and apparently unstoppable. The little bees immediately make themselves feel aggressive and determined by starting their defenses making little or no mistakes not only from a tactical point of view but also from the point of view of firefights. The first round won comes after a full rotation of the defense that lowers his guard for a few seconds and grants Saves a fatal foray into the site. The French do not waver and close the first part of the game ahead 4-2 going into attack. The substance does not change: i Natus Winning they sketch out reactions that lead the game to inertia of extra time, then transforming the 6-6 into an 8-6 in favor of the little bees.


Cowana against Team Secret it is a match that the British must do well in order to remain in the upper areas of the standings, while the Germans must try to regain form and motivation. The British start with a convincing first round as usual to which, however, the opponents respond very vehemently, particularly in round 3 with Hife who takes the initiative from Attic and collects four kills in a row. The offensive phase of the GSA team (German-speaking championship) is very positive, ended with a two-round advantage against the opponents. With the exchange, the first approach to defense is a total disaster: the Secret, remained on 3v3, thanks to a very clear lack of information, literally commit suicide with Prano who wastes a C4 to take out his partner Hife, paving the way for collapse. of the attackers on the site. The game lights up with the Cowanas who wake up and tie the score at 5-5 and move to the matchpoint. The match ends with a definitive reversal of the fronts with the English who take an excellent 7-5 and three gold points.


  1. BDS Esport 16pt
  2. Natus Vincere 14pt
  3. Cowana Gaming 12pt
  4. G2 Esports 11pt
  5. Rogue 11pt
  6. Team Vitality 10pt
  7. Virtus.pro 7pt
  8. TrainHard Esport 3pt
  9. Team Empire 3pt
  10. Team Secret 3pt

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