Rainbow 6 EU League | The Russians are down, are the Rogues finally back?

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Usual weekly appointment with the Rainbow Six European League. The new format sees fewer matches distributed per week but this does not miss the show and indeed, the adrenaline for the players is always skyrocketing. It will be curious to see especially the first two matches, Rogue vs Virtus.pro And Empire vs Vitality, but also keep an eye on the two leaders. To find out what happened on this third day, you just have to start reading below.

Rainbow 6 | European League: Rogue and G2 win again, Vitality disappointment on the second day

ROGUE vs VIRTUS.PRO (Oregon) 7-2

Disappointed and embittered by the painful defeat against the G2, the Russian gods Virtus.pro they were called to redeem the unconvincing performance of the last round. Once again, however, the big absentees were absent from the map. Unexcused absences and for practically half of the game with the Rogue who in attack start to do whatever they like and win five in a row before giving the Russians a single round of respite. A similar script turns out to be that of the second half of the game where the Germans move to the matchpoint, pretend to get lost on the road and find an easy victory. We are only three days from the start but it is not doing well for the VPs who are clearly still missing the leap in quality to get to worry the big names in European competition.


The match of the day of the third day puts in front of the Empire not excellent and i Vitality who, even without having yet brought home the big booty, have been able to convince and raise expectations for them. The first part of the game is very animated and balanced, as evidenced by the partial 3-3 with Scyther and ShepparD who save their teammates on more than one occasion. At round 9 P4 he decides he wants to make a change in the match and somehow simply walks into the Cappella site doing a carnage before being stopped by the usual ShepparD but the round, now compromised, flies into the hands of the little bees that are brought to the matchpoint. Again ShepparD removes the chestnuts from the fire with a quad kill in round 11 which only postpones the final disaster for the Empire which are thrown to the penultimate place.


Nothing new under the French sun. The novices of the TrainHard they are soundly overwhelmed by the army BDS whose gems shine like never before, certainly much better than the first two days, in which they seemed to have limped a bit. This is also a totally one-way match with Shaiiko and his teammates who leave behind only one round in the entire clash dominating the offensive phase in particular with the fluency and skill typical of a team of their caliber. Three points out of three in the pocket and head to the next engagements.

COWANA GAMING vs G2 ESPORTS 1-7 (Club House)

The first of Kayak against his former comrades, and what before! The newcomer to the house G2 after a slow first game and an excellent match against the VPs, he placed fourth and started making his contribution to the roster in a devastating way. The German car is very well oiled in general and the attack phase slips away comfortably with a clear 5-1. Which two rounds later becomes the second victory of the reigning champions who fly to 6 points. Excellent offensive performance by the G2 which completely overwhelm the Cowana in full halt.

TEAM SECRET vs NATUS WIN 3-7 (Kafé Dostoyevsky)

THE Natus Winning they are definitely starting on the right foot, after a last season characterized by fluctuating returns and general inconstancy, they are proving to have all the credentials to fight for one of those infamous “top spots”. Team Secret, for their part, after the exploit against the G2 they did not give continuity to the results on the second day. The British team lives the game with extreme tranquility, effectively occupying the map and above all killing all the defenders on their path just as serenely. Doki in a state of grace so much, decides to put on a show in round 8 with a triple that puts the GSA team in serious difficulty, now passed in attack. Only one matchpoint burned and then 7-3 final, always chasing the BDS spasmodically, waiting for their clash between just two playdays.


  1. BDS Esport 9pt
  2. Natus Vincere 9pt
  3. G2 Esport 6pt
  4. Rogue 5pt
  5. Team Vitality 4pt
  6. TrainHard eSport 3pt
  7. Cowana Gaming 3pt
  8. Team Secret 3pt
  9. Team Empire 2pt
  10. Virtus.pro 1pt

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