Rainbow 6 EU League | TrainHard overwhelming, Rogues liquidate G2

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The penultimate day of European League it’s here ! The clashes are very interesting and it is more than legitimate to expect matches with no holds barred to chase the top of the standings and the points for the Six Invitational 2022. No more chatter, inside with the matches!

Rainbow 6 EU League | Empire, what a pain! Na’Vi and BDS keep flying


Another French derby in this European League that sees the opposing players Vitalityeager to score points to close the Stage as high as possible and i TrainHard, who instead try to save face. The little bees start the game a little confused by losing the first round thanks to the consistency and efficiency of their opponents in the attack in the Laundry and Supplies but it does not take long to reposition themselves on the right tracks by recovering two rounds. However, the solidity of Vitality is only apparent: after the silent play by SparkTrainHard back in the lead thanks to Dirza (with the account of spokeN for reasons unknown to us) that fits into the map with three very important kills, demonstrating its enormous contribution as an entry fragger. Reversal of roles does not benefit a BBooAF and companions with the newcomers in EUL who fly in the defensive phase and finally close at 7-2 thanks to an incredible round of NoerA.


First big match of the day on the horizon with the Natus Winning who after tearing up the Rogues last week try to repeat the feat against a Team Empire who still has never taken the full three points and sits in the lower areas of the standings. The Empire they start in the offensive phase without convincing too much in the first rounds, marked by an underlying slowness that allows the opponents to be very aggressive. The Russians sketch a reaction in the fifth round with an attack from the kitchen hatch whose execution in the final seconds of the round is extremely effective and prevents the British team from taking too far. The first attack of the Natus Vincere is a show: Blurr enters the site of bullying, is stopped by JoyStiCK which touches the ace with the SMG and is then definitively stopped by Saves that sends his team on the momentary 5-2. The Empire do not want to give up and cancel three matchpoints to their opponents bringing them to 6-5. However, a tactical break is enough to straighten the situation and close the practice at 7-5.


With a victory of the Virtus.prothe ranking would clearly break in two, with one of Team Secret, on the contrary, the last four would remain in a very close and perhaps a bit suffocating embrace. The Russians start very well and win the first three attacks, isolating the areas in which they decide to attack well, encircling the defenders and winning very important gunfights given the start in attack. The defensive phase shows no signs of taking off for the GSA team that touches a beautiful clutch with Hife in the fifth round but p4sh4 intervenes to break the eggs in the basket to the opponents earning the 4-1. Mortified by an extremely passive first phase of the game, the Secret only pretend to sketch a reaction by winning the seventh round and allowing the VPs to catapult to the matchpoint also thanks to the double crash of Hife. It ends 7-3.

G2 ESPROTS vs ROGUE 3-7 (Consulate)

The second, but not least, big match of the day is the one between G2 And Rogue both in a somewhat shaky state of form but with the same goal: to hit the Top 4. A very heartfelt match between these two rival teams and which begins with the particularly frenzied defenders: it is in particular AceeZ to resume a round practically lost by his team with a very important double that prevents Kayak of insole and makes the chronometer reach zero easily. In any case, in a match with no holds barred, the roles are reversed on the score of 4-2 for the Rogues. The G2s continue to suffer even during the defensive phase: the single round won on their part is not enough, the forwards are incisive up to the matchpoint and then finally win 7-3.


THE BDS they travel calmly at 19 points with the sole aim of hiding as much as possible in view of the Six Invitational while I Cowana they want to challenge those top positions strenuously. The British start very well, a lot of personality and determination that emerges from the first round, won thanks to the excellent rotations of Sloth And Grizzly. A bit surprisingly, the roles are reversed with the score that sees the Cowanas ahead, deservedly, by 4-2. The BDS try to overturn the situation by first taking the game to extra time then moving to the matchpoint but once again the British manage to recover it and win 8-7. What a match !


  1. Natus Win 20pt
  2. BDS Esport 20pt
  3. Cowana Gaming 16pt
  4. Rogue 14pt
  5. G2 Esports 11pt
  6. Virtus.pro 11pt
  7. Team Vitality 10pt
  8. TrainHard 7pt
  9. Team Secret 6pt
  10. Team Empire 5pt

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