Rainbow Six BeSerious is born, the Italian “Serie B” of the Ubisoft shooter

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The championship is officially born BeSerious Of Rainbow Six Siege! Created with the ambition of becoming a kind of cadet series of PG Nationalsthe competition includes some familiar faces of the scene and other teams that bring a breath of fresh air.

Rainbow Six Challenger League: registration for the Qualifiers is open

For some time now there have been rumors of the need for a T4 (Tier 4) championship, in the wake of the English and German example, which could serve as a testing ground for those players, especially Italians, who want to try to get a chance to compete in Rainbow Six to the next level. To be clear, when we talk about Tier, we refer to specific levels of competition starting from T1, consisting of competitions of the caliber of Six Invitational and the European Leaguepassing through T2, the tier of Challenger ending in T3, where the real action begins, that is, from the national championships.

Good, Esport Square and 6ixProject they took the situation in hand and created a league that, we hope, will act as an incubator of talents for our country in such a way as to give a concrete answer to the diatribe that is dividing the community regarding the presence of too many foreign players in our league . The two organizers have reserved four slots for four organizations that invited to take part in the competition and four others which were accessed through Qualifier. Participants by invitation are: MACKO Esports Academy, Team Hmble, Reply Totem and Cyberground Gaming while to have checked it from the Qualifier were Fab and his Elves, Esports Empire, Team Nyx and RevengeGG.

What can I say, good luck to all participating teams! It’s time to #BeSerious

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