Rainbow Six EU League: Matchday 1 Stage 2 report

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We are finally back to savoring the matches of great occasions, the European virtual stages are heating up, the cheering is getting ready and the race for the majors and for the Six Invitationals. The roster changes made in this break window have refreshed those teams that have not done very well in the first part of this European year. I remind you that for this 2020/2021 we won’t have a third stage, therefore the Global Standings that will fill up in November will assign the 16 favorites for the competition that will sanction the new owner of the hammer and the title of the strongest team in the world. But let’s get going with these matches.

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ROGUE vs TEAM EMPIRE 2-7 (Consulate)

No more introductions are needed for these two teams, from a high i Roguereturning from the excellent first Stage but not counterbalanced with an excellent Major and therefore with a touch of bitterness in the mouth, on the other Empire, totally out of shape throughout the first third (half for this year) of the season looking for redemption. With Hxsti among the starters as a temporary stand-in in place of Aceez in the very first rounds the Russians prove to be very convincing especially in the third round where the whole roster manages to run very well getting rid of the defenders in the Consul Office even touching the flawless. The Empires don’t miss a beat and win practically all the fights even in the next two rounds: they prepare as best they can and execute without hesitation, they are never even surprised by a runouts racking up kill after kill until the 4-2, delivered to the Rogues by LeonGids’ quad kill. The sides are reversed and the seventh round seemed to be able to bring the German roster back to life with the usual LeonGids who still comes back to do his thing by collecting four kills and then being killed by Always who also manages to interrupt in plant by bringing his forward by three. Scary his 89% KOST at the end of the game. The Rogues cannot square the circle and after going under further by conceding the matchpoint they demonstrate that they lack the cynicism necessary to capitalize on the individual fights by opening this second Stage with a very clear defeat.

For the Empire it is a similar start to the first Stage: it all started with a 7-1 win in the Russian derby and then ended up in ruins over the course of 9 days. A lot of quality from dan and Scyther who made their presence felt on the map and are definitely contending for the MVP title for this match. For Rogue, the Russians’ overwhelming performance didn’t leave much room for the flashes of world-class football we’ve seen in recent months. Perhaps Aceez’s absence is felt a bit too much also because, apart from LeonGids, the firepower of this team was negligible.

MVP: Scyther.Empire

NATUS WIN vs TEMPRA 6-6 (Clubhouse)

Lulled by Italian pride, i Temper they will try to repeat the good things they showed during the last Stage excluded only on the last day from the race for the Major and with 140 SI points in hand. In front of them an aggressive yellow and black British full stack better known under the name of Natus Vincere who after having refreshed the roster well, no longer has a reason to hide that, like the Italian rookies, their goal is to finish in the top four. The Na’Vi fit well into the game, putting their opponents in serious difficulty who, after losing the first round, regained the draw with the clutch of P4. The match continues like a pendulum both in terms of rounds and numerical superiority within the round which leads to the reversal of sides with Natus Vincere leading 4-2. The acceleration of the English does not make the Tempra retreat and after a round of adjustment, they manage to win with a substantial performance in the Arsenale and Cappella, even if they run some risks. The dynamics of the match continue to be more or less always the same: the numerical superiority between the two teams alternates in favor of one and the other but the feeling is that the Na’Vi are never able to take advantage of the situation to make the final leap towards the matchpoint. A jump that instead goes to make the Tempra who complete the comeback, they reach the matchpoint but then Saves, in continuity with his name, saves everything in the final and guarantees one point for each side.

What I saw from Natus Vincere tonight I hope is just an embryonic stage of their way of interpreting Rainbow Six. My hope is that they manage to shrug off the “loose cannon” label and be able to deliver a more consistent return. On the part of the Tempra, the path is certainly the right one, but the small individual errors compromised a very positive performance in which we noticed an appreciable ability to react.

MVP: Doki.Na’VI

VITALITY vs. VIRTUS.PRO 6-6 (Oregon)

Who at the Major ended up there a bit by a miracle was the roster of Virtus.pro who pardoned by mathematics have snatched from the Na’Vi not only access to the competition just mentioned but also SI bonus points and are therefore called to reconfirm their position and the positive final of the first Stage. THE Vitality instead they are among the few teams that have not changed one iota of the current roster, predictable the patient attitude towards five very strong players who only have to find a way to harmonize to make the best possible and make this team shine. The match begins with a very high intensity first round: Rask takes four opponents’ lives and then dies at the hands of Hungry, stationed in the cold room which is in turn immediately refracted, giving the advantage to the VPs. The Vitality react perfectly by securing the entire intermediate floor of the map and above all by denying their opponents the breaches on each side, the rest is all tactics and gunfights won which allows the bees to secure the advantage. The fourth round still shows the great management of the site by Vitality: they burn all the SELMAs of the newcomer Ace but unfortunately they can’t win under the pressure of the push made by the Russians. The defensive performance of the French ends and brings them up 4-2 with a very convincing lead. The change of roles seems to continue to reward the Virtus.pro but a few seconds from the end, the push arrives from the Attic of Fabian and BBooAF who, coordinated like real special forces, go to clean up the children’s dormitory and take home the umpteenth round. The Virtus.pro also wake up and manage to shorten up to 5-4, in turn making the life of the opponents’ support operators complicated. In the tenth round, ten men standing up until about the last twenty seconds, the Vitality manage to find the way to the plant and we find ourselves in a 1v1 situation between Rask and BBooAF, who does not miss the appointment and brings his team to the matchpoint . After getting to minus one, the VPs also manage to cancel the opponent’s attack about to send the plant online and win the tie.

Excellent defensive proof of the Vitality that proved to be super coordinated and efficient in managing the spaces not only of the site, but of the entire map, it will be curious to see if this will also be recognizable in other maps of the competitive pool and, especially, if this situation will last as much as possible during the 9 days. Virtus.pro were certainly impressed by the performance of Fabian and his companions and it certainly wasn’t the most desirable result for the beginning but the initial icy shower worked and one point is better than nothing.

MVP: BBooAF.Vitality

CHAOS vs. BDS 3-7 (Oregon)

Head tail of the last round with the Major champions meeting the new Swedish roster. Shaiiko, particularly amused in FPL, is preparing to get back into the game to best conclude another Stage with his teammates with three points that would immediately clarify the intentions of the French. THE bds extension they start very well by pushing on the accelerator and winning two of the first three rounds against the Chaos who, however, don’t want to go back even one step and in the fourth round he starts to pull out courage and bullets to stop the French action. In any case, the roles are reversed at 4-2 for the fresh champions who understand that the reaction of Chaos is a flash in the pan, the seventh round underlines the superiority of BDS who do not even let the players get close to the site, remaining all five alive. Arriving at the matchpoint, the Chaos set up the attack well, even ending up in strong numerical superiority with a full minute on the clock and snatching a last round from the opponents’ hands. The circle closes in the defense of Lavanderia with the attackers who, once again, are unable to affect without even conquering the areas adjacent to the site located in the basement of the map. So this penultimate match ends 7-3.

Very little to say for a match that undoubtedly followed the predictions that most of the community would have expected. The Chaos do not benefit from the new lifeblood and even with the new grafts, the quality of the proposed game still remains at a very low level that already smacks of Relegation. Only congratulations for the BDS who win the first match without too much effort and without a hitch these first three points.

MVP: Shaiiko.BDS

SECRET vs G2 7-2 (Kafe Dostoyevsky)

The day ends with the first of the German derbies in the EU League: Secret against G2. Clash already seen in the GSA 2020 finals where the multiple champions of the Invitational triumphed, but the way in which the Secret fought did not go unnoticed, deserving the compliments not only of Pengu but also the reputation of the team no longer bringing up the rear . The first part of the game seems to say this: the Secrets take possession of the whole map by effectively and consciously organizing the defense against a too soft attack. The first half of the match, in fact, sees a very clear dominance of the Secret who close on 5-1 with UUNO who is the only successful G2 player in taking the fights home. The music does not change when the sides are reversed: the Secrets easily reach the matchpoint also thanks to a splendid Pacbull in the use of Montagne, the first matchpoint canceled and the ninth round totally dominated by the attack which takes possession of the verticality chasing away the defense from Bar and Cocktail and then gets rid of them almost achieving a flawless.

What a game of Secrets! We knew that there was a very clear margin for improvement, we had seen it during the GSA 2020 even without the Pacbull graft, but arriving a couple of weeks later and bullying the G2s like this was totally unexpected. On the other hand, an unrecognizable team that evidently drags behind them the reverse sweep that robbed them of the European Major. Ahead of Wednesday, total reset.



  1. Team Secret 3pt
  2. Team Empire 3pt
  3. BDS Esports 3pt
  4. Natus Vincere 1pt
  5. Team Vitality 1pt
  6. Export hardness 1pt
  7. Virtus.pro 1pt
  8. EC Chaos 0pt
  9. Rogue 0pt
  10. G2 Esports 0pt

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