Rainbow Six EU League: Matchday 2 Stage 2 report

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Here we are back with the second usual weekly appointment with the European League. After a first day full of emotions we are about to attend some important matches from the point of view of the physiognomy of the group itself. It will be important to see the reaction of Rogue And G2both start with a misstep, but also see if i Vitality they will be able to offer a still good performance and, now, worthy of the three points. How do you say? Did you miss the first day and don’t have time to catch up on your games? No problem, I’ll leave you the link for the first report below. In with the matches now !

Rainbow Six EU League: Matchday 1 Stage 2 report


One point each for both in what was the first stage clash on Monday evening. The Tempra come from a clash with the Na’Vi who certainly could have made better use of the sensational comeback they were putting in place, even if, in the end, going home with a point was better than leaving empty-handed, the Virtus .pro, for their part, gave the feeling of having saved themselves a little by the skin of their teeth in an Oregon in which Vitality surely deserved better luck. However, it is the Fortitude that starts in fourth place making the life of the attackers impossible thanks to the effective roaming action by P4 in the first two rounds. For the fifth round the VPs do not disappear from the map but rather, they react very well by subverting the opposing defense and conquering the momentary 3-2. However, the reversal of roles leads to a peremptory 3-3: the Tempra fall asleep momentarily but still recover a third round. The first round in attack is a total domination of the Russians who make the first flawless of the day by slyly deceiving the attackers who suffer precisely from the flank and from individual distraction errors. The intensity offered by both rises a lot again with the French roster which in the ninth round tries to attack the Dormitory site but slams against the wall erected by p4sh4 and wTg, with the former placing himself in the Attic and the latter giving a bomb to bomb, also thanks to the support fire of m1lon, one after the other dash the hopes of the advantage for the attackers. Again p4sh4 and above all the roam of m1lon to favor the VPs who reach the matchpoint easily and also manage to win by securing the Cucina and Refettorio site.

Very well the Virtus.pro who manage to react after having totally suffered the first two rounds with the spectacular performance of m1lon in the roam (using Goyo), but above all of Rask, who proves to be a constant danger with Jager. The Tempra disappoint a bit after an initial acceleration that died down already in the fifth round. Performance far from the match of the first Stage where the Italian team took the VPs to the Consulate, their most played map, going to snatch three very important points that marked the real crisis for the Russians.

MVP: Rask.VP


Empire and BDS are the two teams that certainly slept with a smile on their pillow during Monday night for the three points won in the first match, especially for the Russians. Knowing that you are facing the second day, however, will have to make both teams extremely determined because the road to the Major already begins in these moments. BDS starts in defense making confetti from the Russian attack but leaving only Scyther who tries to take the clutch but, disturbed by Lesion’s Gu and running out of time, fails to complete the ace. The French continue mercilessly completing a perfect rotation of sites and conceding to the opposing team only four kills in the first three rounds. The first round won by the Empire comes to the fourth with the attack in the Laundry where, after recovering a complicated 3v5 situation thanks to Shaiiko’s initial frags, they managed to get rid of all the defenders except BriD who narrowly does not complete the 3v1 but succumbs under the blows of the attackers. The reversal of roles does not bring new life to the Empire, on the contrary, the attack continues to do what it wants exactly as it did in defense, all the awareness of their own strength emerges from the French players who glue the opponents on 6-2 for then win in the next round.

Remarkable proof of the BDS who find a victory of absolute thickness against these Empires who just didn’t enter the game. As I anticipated, the French play with disarming self-confidence especially in the firefight, where the Russians were totally insufficient by bringing all five players back to negative.


Hoping to see a real G2 match, we are going to see a new edition of the German roster against the former greats Fabian and Goga. The French bees gave 99% in the last round, there is still that little bit missing which can actually lead this team to fight for positions that are more theirs. G2 who start in attack and during the first three rounds stage a fairly balanced clash especially from the point of view of firefights. To underline the performance of Fabian who, identifying a couple of neuralgic spots with Kaid, made life impossible for his opponents by giving away a couple of rounds to his teammates. UUNO rises to the chair and as a true captain proves to be the driving force of his team in the Refectory attack, he takes away three opponents’ lives, paving the way for Pengu for the plant and allowing CTZN to close the ball. We will arrive at the reversal of roles with a double advantage for Vitality (4-2) and with the strong impression that the G2 cannot be so effective in attack as to worry the other side. Still bewildered by the change of phase of the game, the Germans lose a round but then manage to recover up to 5-5. UUNO takes the chair again in round 11 which does not give up an inch in the defense of the verticality of the Conference Room reducing the opponent’s attack to only Fabian who takes away three opponents but leaves his life on the opponent’s matchpoint. However, the last defense before the victory falls apart in front of Montagne’s shield and, despite the amazing play of Virtue who almost takes away all the opponents but in return takes the first point of the Stage.

Vitality is still on the right track, demonstrating that it is finding the right way to quickly reach the level of the other contenders. Fabian is spectacular, especially in defense with Kaid, as well as in the gunfight that he closes with a very positive rate. G2 are struggling but definitely play better than on Monday against Secret, however, their ability is much higher than what they showed.

MVP: risze:Vitality

ROGUE vs TEAM SECRET 4-7 (Kafe Dostoyevsky)

Another day, another German derby, the first act ended with the absurd shock of the Secrets who asphalted the G2, today the opponent is the same tough and the fear of facing him will have to disappear in the same way. The transfers have given lifeblood to this team making them dream of very high goals. The game starts immediately with a round bordering on the impossible: Hife and Prano kill two of the three attackers who have just brought the defuser online, only karzheka remains who takes Prano’s life and dies making Hife reach a few tenths of a second from deactivation and taking home the advantage. Secret equalized with an excellent round in Cucina and fell behind in the defense of Bar and Cocktail. Monologue by SHA77E and his companions who win the beauty of four consecutive rounds, reaching 5-2 and giving the public the strong impression that the Rogues have no idea how to stop them, especially in firefights. The 5-2 quickly becomes matchpoint with another round of gunfights won and Pacbull proving he’s comfortable in the top tier of competitive Rainbow Six. There is time for a sketchy and timid reaction from defenders who win two rounds for statistics before leaving two more points on the street.

At the moment, the way we can describe this Stage 2 is “Downfall of the Giants”, quoting the title of a well-known by Ken Follet, Rogue, as well as G2 occupy the two places that are reserved for teams not up to the European League and we know very well that they do not belong to him. On the other hand, the Secrets have forcefully pulled themselves out of this area and are still at full points and by continuing on this path they can already declare open hostilities towards the Major.



Closes the day Na’Vi versus Chaos: a match that the English team must absolutely try to bring home against the announced bottom side of this Stage 2. The start of this match is immediately very hot with Natus Vincere who struggle to find the way to the plant by slamming twice in the first four rounds against the Swedish wall. The bricks of this wall thicken in the fifth round with cryn and Next1 who collect two thick entries by removing one of the two hard breachers from the round, Cucina’s trap door is still opened but the time available for the attack begins to run out and the push resulting from it does not find the right luck. We get to the reversal of roles with Chaos getting the double advantage thanks to the defense of Gym and Bedroom in which VITO pulls out a 1v2 clutch. The same play is made by Kendrew in round number eight, the English player gives up stopping the plant, perhaps out of ammunition, with his operator’s Yokai drone and decides to go the hard way, first killing Renuilz and then cryn, finding the 4-4. The two teams continue to maintain a steady round win – round loss rhythm that extends first to 5-5 and finally to 6-6.

Chaos and ties, I dare you to present me with a more lasting love affair. Hand in glove with the X, the Swedes showed a little more than in Monday’s match, giving the idea that they can still bring battle to the middle-ranked teams. The Natus Vincere, personally, disappointed me a bit, Joe’s exploits are beautiful but the three-point performance must be unanimous and lasting for 7 rounds.

MVP: Blurr.Na’vi


  1. BDS Esports 6pt
  2. Team Secret 6pt
  3. Virtus.pro 4pt
  4. Team Empire 3pt
  5. Natus Vincere 2pt
  6. Team Vitality 2pt
  7. Esport Stamina 1pt
  8. Chaos EC 1pt
  9. G2 Esports 1pt
  10. Rogue 0pt

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