Rainbow Six: Extraction – Leak the cover of the Ubisoft game

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A few hours before the conference Ubisoft Forward ofE3 2021, Rainbow Six: Extraction is the victim of a leak that reveals a preview of the cover of the game.

The Rainbow Six: Siege spin-off, initially announced as Rainbow Six: Quarantine and renamed following last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, has been confirmed as one of the protagonists of tonight’s Ubisoft conference.

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We do not know if tonight’s conference will allow us to also take a look at the gameplay of R6 Extraction, but in the meantime the cover of the game has ended up on the net in advance.

The Instagram account anerdydad in fact, recently posted what will be the covers of the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Rainbow Six: Extraction, from which we also learn that the two versions will have different bonuses.

Buyers of the PS5 version will in fact have 4 complete sets for operators, as well as the ability to unlock 18 operators instantly on Rainbow Six Siege.

Xbox players, on the other hand, will enjoy a bundle called Orbital Decay, plus some Elite bonus content for R6 Siege.

The cover also seems to confirm that Rainbow Six Extraction will be structured with teams of up to 3 playersas had already been leaked previously.

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