Rainbow Six Extraction: New unreleased trailers and release date in Ubisoft Forward

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Ubisoft starts immediately showing great news for the long awaited Rainbow Six Extraction: the reinterpretation of the great competitive success of the manufacturer.

Game skills and strategies will be changed to take on this game in mode 3 player cooperativein order to face and defeat a fearsome enemy thanks to your team.

The areas present in the game will be characterized by three different infiltration zones, in which there will be bosses to beat to get better rewards; by facing the Archaens, alien enemies present in the title, we will have a more concrete idea of ​​what Outbreak (past mode of Rainbow Six Siege) has in store for us.

Parasites will attack us with it Sprawla toxic material that will slow down operators and give more strength to enemies if left on the floor, which can only be neutralized with UV rays.

Here is the first trailer unpublished.

here is the gameplay trailer of the new title, also presented at Ubisoft Forward.

Finally, we report the official release date of the game: September 16, 2021.

We will keep you updated with more information.


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