Rainbow Six PG Nationals: Here’s how the Winter Split ended

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After the close of the European Leaguethere was still a piece, at least for us in Italy, to put in place, that of Pg NationalItalian championship of Rainbow Six Siege. The new format proposed by the tournament provides that the regular season, organized in two splits and made up of the usual eight teams, gives direct access to the playoffs to the first six classified, condemning the last two to relegation.

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So, these playoffs started Goskilla And Team Hmble, absolute revelation of the championship. Their best of 3 ended at 2-1 in favor of the orange gorillas after three however substantial matches that bode well for the future of cmarc0r and his teammates’ team. The second quarter-final was played between the ex-SMS, the MACKOs and the IGPs, in a sort of re-edition of the final of the 2020 Summer split which ends with a clear 2-0 thanks to a double 7-3. In the semifinals, with Mkers and Notorious Legion waiting to discover their opponents, there was no shortage of twists. Aqui and his teammates, after hitting the historic qualification for the Six Invitational, win 2-1 winning the first place in the final while on the other side of the bracket, the MACKO they show they know how to suffer and after a very open series they conquer the Grand Final. On the one hand, therefore, the historical champions of the PG and now an icon of the Italian export movement, on the other hand, the current champions, hungry for trophies and eager to regain that Challenger League in which they represented our country so well .

Singular best of 3 formula for the final of the split which opens with a very convincing 7-2 victory by MACKO over Kafè Dostoyevsky which is immediately followed by one of the Mkers, with the same result in the Amusement Park. The final was decided by Villa who once again confirmed himself as the stronghold of T3b and his teammates, thus bringing the score to the definitive 2-1.

Earlier in the evening, moreover, the third place final was played where the Notorious Legion beat Goskilla 2-0.

The ranking of the new format of PG Nats therefore sees the MACKO, champions of the winter split, solid in the lead with 90 points obviously followed by Mkers at 70, Notorious Legion at 50, Goskilla at 30 and IGP and Humble at 20.

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