Rainbow Six Siege: European League Season 2 is upon us, how the teams have changed

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Now we are, it is very close to the beginning of second season of the FACEIT European League from Rainbow Six Siege, the highest competition in our continent. There have been many changes for rosters and orgs in general, since the farewell of Pengu to that of Quenchingthere is so much to talk about, better not get lost in chat.

Rainbow Six Esport: Pengu, the best player ever, retires

Before talking about the teams, let’s talk about the changes that will affect the European competitive system, changes announced with the reveal of Year 6 and Operation Crimson Heist. In itself the competitive structure remains almost identical with the change in scheduling which now sees only one playday per week for seven weeks in each stage and the last two, instead, enclosed in a single weekend. The Majors remain, with the hope of seeing them again on the LAN, and the points system. I are introduced additional in place of the tie which, if won, will give 2 points instead of 3 while in the competitive map pool comes out Amusement park and enter Chalet.

As for transfers, obviously the opening can only be dedicated to the absolute God of Rainbow SixPengu, historical member of PENTA And G2 withdraws leaving his post a Kayakyoung promise from Cowana Gaming newly promoted by Challenger League. Always staying in the home of the reigning champions, too Her leaves his post as analyst. For the Virtus.pro the transfer window was particularly intense: the coach Toda goes away after the contract expires, Schockwave takes a break from Siege and in his place, the former Empire and Rogue make a great return to Russian soil, karzheka. In addition to Estonian, outgoing from Rogue there is also Hxstifundamental pawn after the disqualification of Aceezas he enters the active roster cryn with meepeY and Bernie to complete the staff as a coach.

THE Natus Winning make a small revolution, put on the bench Joe and greeted Kendrewhaving left for Cowana, they arrive in England Secretly give it now former-Chaos And Nathanthanks to a convincing performance with the MnM Gaming in Challenger. I also move Secret that they send away Pacbull and SHA77E taking with them SlebbeN and Gomfi. The most sensational news, however, concerns the Quenching: the Italian org abandons its commercial in the European League after dropping the entire French roster and staff. The French of TrainHard eSport that they keep Dirza And Chaoxys (and the staff) of the previous roster by adding BlaZ, Spark And NoerA. We still stay in France because also Team Vitality has made big market moves: out Fabian, Goga And Hungryinside P4, Shiinka and Kaktus. From an ex-G2 backbone to an ex-Tempra then. It will therefore be curious to know the fate of Fabian and SHA77E, two absolute legends of the shooter of Ubisoft who, at the moment, are still homeless.

Now we just have to wait until March 18 to find out who will start their European season on the right foot. You are ready ?

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