Rainbow Six Siege free to play? For the moment it is not in Ubisoft’s plans

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It has been nearly six years since the launch of Rainbow Six Siege. The game attracts still today a large number of players, despite having to face stiff competition from titles such as Apex Legends, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, everyone free-to-play.

Will the Ubisoft game start chasing this business model too? The French company has confirmed that, at the moment, There is no plan to turn Rainbow Six Siege into a F2P.

Director Leroy Athanassoff had previously stated, more than a year ago, the development team was intent on turning the tactical FPS into a F2P at some point in its existence, to make it usable for everyone – while admitting that there would be major challenges ahead.

PCGamesN has met with associate director Aurélien Chiron about the state of Rainbow Six Siege at the moment and their plans for the future, asking in particular for some updates on the possible transition to free to play. This transition, however, will not take place, at least for the moment.

“We are continuing to look for ways to engage new players and keep our loyal community.”Chiron said, “However, there is currently no plan to make Rainbow Six Siege a free-to-play game”. If it sounds familiar, is the exact quote that a rep from Ubisoft provided after Athanassoff’s comments in his time. It looks like this is the business line for now, so until Ubisoft decides it’s worth taking Siege in that direction, the game won’t follow that pattern anytime soon.

In the same interview, Chiron confirmed that the study instead, it will invest in better training tools “So that players can test operators, weapons and gadgets and learn maps faster”. In addition, director Aurélie Débant says they are working to solve the related problems to the prone and crouch mechanics of the game especially crouching turns out to be too quiet.

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