Rainbow Six Siege: the full reveal of Year 6

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Here we are, at a time when we should have seen who would be crowned as world champion of Rainbow Six for this year, at the reveal of the new year for the tactical shooter of Ubisoft. With the Six Invitational still pending, (you can read the details below) the French software house has decided not to stop the scheduling machine of operations and in-game news. So let’s go immediately to see what emerged from the live reveal of Year 6.

OFFICIAL: the Six Invitational 2021 is postponed to a later date due to Covid

First, with the arrival of Operation Crimson Heist a new operator will be introduced. His name is Flores, he is an assailant, he comes from Argentina and we have already seen him in action in recent days through small teaser trailers published on the game’s official social accounts. His gadget is the Ratero which consists of a sort of small explosive drone that can kill enemies or smash enemy gadgets, while he is moving he is vulnerable and the explosive is timed. He will not be able to breach reinforced walls but he can move in all directions, jump and stick to the walls. His equipment consists of the SR-25 or the AR-33 as primary, the GSH-18 as a secondary and is completed by the usual secondary gadget that we can choose between Skirts 6 and flashbangs. The Border map is changed by reducing the clutter of some of the sites and adding new sections for the internal rotation of the players to make it even more competitive than now. The external noise of the speaker and the helicopter will also be reduced.

The rest of Year 6 will see us go, in Season 2, the new operator will come from the indigenous Nakoda population and the map that will undergo the rework will be Favelas, only for the Casual playlist. In Season 3 we will receive a Croatian operator and not a single rework but many small changes spread for all the maps and finally, in Season 4 the operator will be Irish and the rework will affect the Australian map Outback. Obviously, during the seasons there will be appointments with Arcade playlists, the reworks of the operators

Let’s now talk about other very important changes that reshuffle the way we play in a particularly important way Rainbow Six. First of all, the Skirt 6: is a new gadget / secondary weapon that, with a single bullet, can eliminate the indestructible gadgets of the defenders. The choice is clearly aimed at countering the idea of ​​a goal in which the defensive phase is dominant and favored and we can’t wait to see these changes in the competitive. Always in favor of the forwards, there will be the possibility of change operator and equipment during the droning phase. For both phases of the game, it will be possible to actively control gadgets and drones even post mortem: dead attackers will be able to maneuver their teammates’ drones and defenders will be able to fully control, for example, Maestro’s cams and Echo’s drones. Another small perk for defenders is the bulletproof camera rework that can fire a small EMP beam that damages enemy equipment.

Let’s stay on the rework and operators theme because there are some very important changes coming. Goyo, first of all, he loses the shield, his Vulkan will be deployed as an ADS, the developers are still working on the shape of the gadget. Also Melusi and his Banshee will be reworked with the latter which, once activated, will reveal a weak point that attackers can hit without wasting utilities. Finka he can use his gadget to get up, just like Doc and a little nerf will also cover the cams of Master and the mirrors of Aim about visibility. The speed / armor system is replaced. Now it’s all out in the open: operators will have more than the traditional 100 hp and the change will be visible on the screen.

As usual, the Rainbow Six staff will be committed to fighting Ddoss and cheaters optimizing server performance to avoid unpleasant situations for players. Other changes will come to the ranking system and to the matchmaking system, which will also affect the reputation of the players.

As for the side export, the new competitive structure will remain practically unchanged given the success achieved in the season just ended, with the hope of returning to LAN events as soon as possible. As for the European League, there will no longer be two weekly playdays but one every week for 7 weeks with the last two of each stage concentrated in a single weekend. The format remains the same but the draws disappear in favor of overtime. Victory will give 3 points, victory after extra time 2, defeat always zero. European League season 2 will return at the end of March. The teams of European Challenger League to which are added, in addition to the winners of the national championships and the two deriving from the relegation of EUL, four other teams who will enter through open qualifiers.

We close with some small announcements: a partner has been announced with Capcom which will introduce a skin dedicated to Resident Evil for Zofia and one with Ikumi Nakamura, who did some Japanese themed designs for some operators. Finally, in the summer of 2021, the Rainbow Six Siege board game.

What do you think of Year 6? Are you gassed? From tomorrow the update will be live on TTS for PC.

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