Rambo and John McClane officially land on COD Warzone with the Season 3 update

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Battle Royale was already intense, and now the showmanship in Warzone has been taken to the extreme! Power Struggle is the most striking example, a time-limited mode that pits 100 Operators against each other in squads of the desired size , in a battle to become the most devastating hero of all.

In Power Struggle, Operators will discover the initial collapse of the circle is more restricted than in a traditional Battle Royale in Verdansk. The collapse of the circle will take place in five stages and there is no Gulag to escape from after being killed.

Instead, you’ll need to revive your squadmates via the Purchase Station or earn the right to revive them by collecting Dog Tags. As in Confirmed Kill in traditional Multiplayer, each Operator will drop a Dog Tag each time he is eliminated. These Dog Tags can also be obtained as rewards for completing Contracts, and in rare cases can be found in the Supply Crates scattered throughout Verdansk.

Each Dog Tag you collect will move you up to the reward system, visible on the right side of the HUD. This reward system includes a UAV; a Return Token, which gives you the right to return to Verdansk again; Advanced Gas Masks and Specialist Bonuses at higher levels.

Despite these differences compared to the traditional Battle Royale, the ultimate goal is always the same: it remains the only team in the game to win.

New Kill Streak: Battle Bow (Throw)

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