Red Bull Campus Clutch: Triumph of the Angry Titans

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The Red Bull Campus Clutchthe world’s largest university global series offering an incredible opportunity for attendees to demonstrate their skills on VALORANT globally, saw the Angry Titans win in the long-awaited national finals against Esport Empire and win the opportunity to represent Italy and its universities at the Finali Mondiali. To challenge each other in truly breathtaking and no holds barred games were the Angry Titansthe FDP Universityi ReplyTotem Next they Esport Empire, the top four of a competition that has proved to be exciting since the very first matches. And we can really say that the appointment of May 22 was truly a show worthy of a tournament that week after week has never ceased to amaze and surprise fans and newbies.

The Angry Titansrepresenting the universities of Padua, Turin, the Academy of Fine Arts of Novara, LUISS Guido Carli and the University of Milan Bicocca, will arrive at World Finals Of Red Bull Campus Clutch, where they will clash with the best university teams from 50 countries, a unique opportunity to show off and get noticed on an international stage. The Italian champions asserted themselves thanks to the deeds of the usual Dere, who since the qualifiers has dragged the team with kills until the final victory, undoubtedly proving to be one of the best players in the entire national tournament. The team that will manage to win the international stages, then, will have the incredible opportunity to see the brightest stars of the competitive scene of the tactical shooter signed by Riot Games play closely, who will compete in the upcoming VALORANT Masters, event official part of the famous Champions Tour 2021.

The event on May 22 opened with an exclusive showmatch that saw the guys from Machete Gaming, led by Hell Raton, and a Special Team made up of creators, led by Stermy, clash. Afterwards, the semifinals took place, which saw the Esport Empire triumph over Reply Totem Next for 13 to 7, in a very close and hard-fought match. In the second game, however, the winners were Angry Titanswhich have managed to impose themselves on FPD University for 13 to 6. The final has, therefore, seen the protagonists Esport Empire they Angry Titanswho challenged each other in an exciting and not without twists and turns best of three, which saw the Angry Titans close the practice in just two matches, graduating with merit champions of the Italian stage of Red Bull Campus Clutch.

During their journey through the tournament, the teams have been able to demonstrate through their performance, not only their worth, but also how high the level of the university esports scene is. A real demonstration of how much student export has made great strides in recent years and now has very little to envy to the professional scene.

In a scenario where the export sector is constantly growing, the competitive university scene plays an increasingly important role, while ensuring the sustainability of the system and providing the talents of tomorrow with an excellent opportunity to show off their talent. The Red Bull Campus Clutch starts from the bottom with the aim of making university esports make a qualitative leap, creating a global structure, which leads students to enroll not only to represent the university they attend, but their country, paving the way for the next generation of pro-players.

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