Red Dead Online: bonuses for distillers and naturalists, rewards for club members

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This week, in Red Dead Online, Smugglers will earn Double RDO $ and XP on Distiller Story Missions and Smuggler Missions, as well as 50% off the costs of moving the Distiller Shack. Naturalists, beware: Free Roam events for Naturalists earn double XP for the Role and RDO $.


It’s time to hone your competitive skills – all Showdown Modes and Races are earning double XP and Gold through January 25th.

Players who play RDO this week will receive 3,000 Club XP and 5 Powerful Medicines. Those with the Outlaw Pass 4 will receive rewards for a free shirt and hat up to rank 15 and a free vest, with no rank restrictions. Outlaw Pass holders with Club rank 50 or higher will receive an offer for 40% off a non-Role note of their choice.


Red Dead Online players who have linked their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will receive rewards for:

  • Free bounty hunter’s license
  • Paint Finishes in amethyst for the Bounty Hunter’s Wagon

Players who log into Prime Gaming before February 15 will receive an offer for a 50% discount on the LeMat Revolver and a poncho of their choice, an offer for a free left-handed holster and 100 units of fast and explosive revolver ammo.

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