Red Dead Online – Bonuses for Naturalists, Collectors and Bounty Hunters

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Rockstar Games announced the new weekly bonuses for Red Dead Onlinewhich include extra prizes for all those who engage in the activities of Naturalists, Collectors and Bounty Hunters.

Life in the wilderness isn’t easy – it’s dangerous to face it without preparing for the worst. That’s why players who play Red Dead Online this week will receive a special supply pack containing 5 units of Gun Oil, 3 Wild Carrots, 2 Powerful Medicines, 5 Special Horse Revitalizers and 3 Chocolate Bars.


If you are a Naturalist, you should sharpen your eyes and observe the undergrowth carefully: this week, by selling Californian hare samples, you will receive triple RDO $ and PE from Naturalist.


Bounty Hunters who bring wanted dead or alive to justice will receive 50% more cash on all bounties, including Legendary Bounties and Notorious Wanted. If you need more firepower to tackle your adventures, know that all Bounty Hunters above rank 5 will receive an offer for 50% off the Navy revolver.


This week is propitious for the most attentive Collectors: whoever brings duck, heron and goose eggs to Madame Nazar, by completing the collection of the week, Egg Hunt, will receive 50% more money. Also, join the Free Roam Condor Egg event to receive an offer for 40% off an item of your choice for Beginner or Promising Collectors.

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